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My simple Christmas Nails
Wasn't feeling too creative - but here's my Christmas nails done on one of my clients... "Ruby Pumps" polish with white striping tape, White nails with red striping tape on ring fingers. I call them simple but looking back they were a lot of work actually!

[Image: dischristmas2011.jpg]
Where's the like button?
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Thanks Tashawna!
Smile Colleen.. I love them.. you do such lovely work!!
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Colleen those are really pretty! I love them!
Beautiful!, I want them Big Grin . Great pic too :wink:


"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
Soooo prettyyy Smile
Thanks everyone! Smile
I can only imagine how beautiful they look in person Smile I love them !
Laura Merzetti
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Can I steal your idea? I love them!!!
Steal away. I look at them now and wish I'd added a few more lines here and there.
I think they look perfect!
Awww. Thank you!
I love the "simplicity" of these! Gorgeous!
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Very elegant ! Love those Big Grin
Sandra V.

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