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Nail client from hell
In my 10 years of nails, I have never endured such a pain in the a** client. She had previously gone to a nail tech in town that didnt exactly do stellar nails. To each their own. After talking to this woman on the phone she ranted about all her nail "problems". Not a big deal, seems like all new clients have rants. From the first second i saw her, I knew I was in for it. No smile, no, hello, no nothing. Long story short, I soaked her old acrylics off in acetone, and she immediatly complained, she had never had them done that way. Oh well. I did p&w overlay on her natural nails and bitched the entire time on my technique, right down to, I wasnt using TT or my nails were too narrow. She corrected everything i was doing and checking every brush stroke. My blood is boiling at this point. Hey, if a client really sees something Im missing, I want to know, but this was so overbearing. I felt like I was being tested. This woman had severe control issues.
Well, 2 and 1/2 hours later I finished. I thought for sure I was done with her....and she wants to rebook. Really? At this point I figured she thought I was the worst nail tech ever even though I stayed composed the whole time. Now she wants a particular time spot another client has.
I am genuinly stressed out about her returning. I cant be taking more than an hour with her appt period. I am afraid I am going to lose my cool next monday. I just want to call and cancel her appt to save me the heart attack. I found out after her appt, that she treats her hair stylist this way all the time.

Just needed to vent....big time!
I would kill her. I have no idea how you did it. Maybe you can get a Valium prescription for her appointments?
Wow! I'd have to get out my hidden stash of tequila after that one! :lol:

Go with your gut and cancel her appt. Your time is too valuable to be wasted on someone who doesn't appreciate your efforts.
Yep! A client like this can lead a woman to drink heavilySmile

I'm the kind of person to stick up for myself but in the most professional way possible and if she was my client, I would let her come to her next appt and when she starts her rant, I would nicely say,
"Are you aware that I am fully trained and qualified didn't I?"
She more than likely answer with a yes. Then I would say,
"Oh, well it seems you do not trust me as you are questioning every step I take, please have some faith in me that I can give you a great set of nails that you will adore"
This will put her in her place big time but you are doing it politelySmile

I think we always have to remember that even though we are in the service industry, it doesn't mean we have to take clients cr*p when they think they can dish it up. We are human too and we have our limits too and we don't go to work everyday to be bullied by our clients on any level and to me this type of thing is bullying.

I'm lucky that all my clients so far are great but I am seriously thinking about putting up a sign that covers a pile of issues like this and putting it in a way that puts a client like this in their place before they even open their mouth. I reckon you can say things in a nice/humorous/jovial way but with still getting an important message across.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you all the luck in the world cause with these type of clients, you need it Smile
Someone once told me the thing to say to clients like that is:

"I have one hour today to do your nails but you have 2 weeks to look at them and see if there is anything I need to be doing to make them more to your liking. If there's anything you want me to do differently, make a list and bring it with you the next time you come in and I'll do everything to accommodate! But right now, I have someone coming in right after you who wants their hour with me, too."

Amazingly, they've never brought in a list!

The other thing I say in a laughingly way is this:

(Pointing to my license on the wall)

"Whose name is on that license? If it's yours then I'll give you the brush. If it's mine, then let's get on with it!"

That always gets a laugh and breaks the tension!
I once had a client who checked inspected the nail after each brush stroke. She'd ask, "YOu're not going to make it that thick are you?," or, "you're not going to leave it like that, are you?" I finally laid my brush down and ask if she'd ever been unhappy with how her nails looked when she left. She said no. I told it wasn't going to happen this time either for her to wait til I was done before she started fretting over the them. Obviously I finally got thru to her coz we never had another problem after that.

If this client comes back and starts in again, I believe I'd look her in the eye and ask if she was happy with what I'd done the last time. If she says yes, then I'd be saying something like, "I feel like you're not since you're questioning everything I do. Maybe you'd be happier with someone else who's had more experience." The ball's in her court, she's either going to realize she's not going to push you around or she'll leave, either way, you win. Establish your ground rules NOW with this client or you'll end up being more and more resentful of her each time she comes in. She's going to keep on til you take charge.
Oh my gosh! I had a client just the same this past week. I was almost in tears by the time she left! She inspected every one of her nails after I had f buffed them and found a little bit of a "bump" here and a little bit of a "ridge" there that I needed to fix, and on and on!!!! Of course, she scheduled her two week before she left. I'm in the same boat, just dreading her next visit. I've only been doing nails for three years, so I'm not to the point where I'm confident enough in myself and she got to me start doubting my skills again. I hate that!!!
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When she starts complaining, get the phone book, turn to the yellow pages to Nail Salons and hand it to her along with the phone. When she looks at you like a deer caught in the headlights tell her since she isn't happy there is a list of others she can try. If she leaves nails half done- good ridance. If she stays- you have established ground rules. If she does it another time, lay your brush down and ask her to leave. I can upset myself without a client adding to it.
Always be get farther.
been thru this a couple of times... thankfully it was short-lived..... as soon as they start their mouth..... you nip it in the bud by explaining every step in great detail ... just talk.. .. if she has questions, answer them professionally...then continue talking thru each step til you're done.
the hour flies by!!! LOL you can also throw in "every nail tech has a different technique... wait for the finished product..... if there's something you don't like i'll be happy schedule an appointment to make changes." don't say you'll 'fix' it... because you haven't done it wrong, just not the way she prefers. i also book brand new clients 15min extra for consult time..... you can look at what you have to work with, see how she wears her nails, make suggestions that might be more appropriate, etc....
-- you have the license, you are the professional, you are in charge!!
by the the end... i kept the clients.... they never gave me a bit of trouble again... they liked that someone educated them about their nails and the process of having them done. they trust that i know what i'm doing, so they don't feel the need to try to take control.
just smile and say 'thank you'
Fire her! Yep you don't need that kind of person in your life not one bit. And I would tell her why you are letting her go!
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Oh no......she has to go. Adios, ciao, etc., etc. 8)


"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
I would have been a wreck by the end of that 2 1/2 hours. I am still in school so all I have to do is get my instructure to come over and help me with a problem client. I had one the other day that wanted me to dig her hang nail out of her toe and cut it!! I tried several times to explain to her that I wasn't aloud to do that and she would have to see a doctor and have them do it. Finally I had to get my instructor. That lady was crazy!
Kellie, just so you know, the NSS will usually do that for the client, that's most likely why she expected you to do it and that tells you where she's been going. Within reason, I'll do what I can for ingrowns but if it's infected, definitely not. If it's more than just a teensy bit sensitive, it's not a job for us.
I would send her note referring her to someone I didn't like and just write her that due to time restraints you are unable to do her services at this time.

Quote:I'd be saying something like, "I feel like you're not since you're questioning everything I do. Maybe you'd be happier with someone else who's had more experience." The ball's in her court, she's either going to realize she's not going to push you around or she'll leave, either way, you win. Establish your ground rules NOW with this client or you'll end up being more and more resentful of her each time she comes in. She's going to keep on til you take charge

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Donna, she had to really dig to get under it and complained it hurt. The way she dug at it was painful to watch!! I'm sure I was making the worse faces. LOL! She had done a number on her nails before she even came to us. She had them cut so far back. I don't know how her toes didn't hurt. OUCH!
When I have clients come in like that, I explain WHY their nails are like that, due the incorrect way they're cutting them. I've had very good results with reconstructing the toenail back where it should be with acrylic, training the skin to create the sidewall nail folds that are missing. IF the nails are not infected and you can apply some pressure to the nail folds during the process, it's a way to get their toe nails back on track.
I would tell her to call to see if something opened up.. when she does, you ask HER when SHE can come in - dont tell her what openings you have -- 10a Fri? sorry thats taken, 3p thrus? sorry full.. then after a few rounds of this, tell her you noted when she is available and will call her as soon as somethig opens up.. then lose her number Smile I hate confrontations Smile
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I agree with all the girls! She sounds like a real pain. Dump her!
What GREAT responses! I love to see how everyone handles the most difficult clients. Thank you!
i like debs but i would have already stopped in the midst of all that nonsense and asked her.. do you want to finish this???? i got this!!! it it kept on i would have stopped and said let me find you someone else because i obviously am not making you happy.. then i would have done as already suggested.. called the nearest one i would never send anyone to... seeya!!

but i do love a challenge and if she does come back or you let her back.. stop her in her tracks.. dont put up with that stuff :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
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Years ago I had a very demanding, control freak walk-in client who did nothing but complain about EVERYTHING I did on her..
During our appt. she mentioned how she does her own nails but decided to go to a pro just to try a manicure & have 1 nail fixed..
She did not want me to even buff the top of her broken nail..I explained to her I had to because that is how it needed to be prepped or that the wrap would not adhere properly & lift off!

So just to give her the confidence in my abilities I went thru each step of what I was doing & why. I then calmly mentioned she should relax & trust what I was doing b/c I was the one who is the trained professional & if she did not trust me then why did she book a appointment with me?.
Well she finally settled down & grudgingly let me finish up..but of course not without the btchy huffing, puffing & sighing the whole time..
Basically she was just a real piece of work..that is putting it nicely...after she left I just rolled my eyes & said to myself what a whack-job geezzzzzzzz!

The next day I received a phone call & was asked to whom she was speaking too?..I gave her my name..well then she started to tell me about how she came in yesterday & had the worse experience with one of our techs..she complained how she was spoken to very rudely, mean, had her fingers cut & how her repair just came off!
After a minuet of so I realized Oh this was that difficult client I had yesterday..So just to humor myself I decided to let her further complain & lie about her experience with me..
I let her finish up her lies asked her if she was done & then let the bomb drop
"Oh, Ms. so & so..I am so very sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience with me, Yes your manicure was with me not so & so
Since I am usually booked up & was only able to fit you in yesterday due to a last minuet cancelation please give me the times you are available & I will call you back & try my best to fit you in & fix what made you so unhappy but if that is not quick enough for you & you would like to get in even sooner I can book you a appointment right now with one of our other wonderful nail professionals..

You should have hear the GULP on the other end..she then replies.."uhhhh ohhhhh nooooo I will just call you back" CLICK!
Well, we never heard from her again..
I love how she called back & tried to get me in trouble by lying &'s so pathetic what people will do just to be spiteful when someone puts them in their place & sticks up for was just so mean & hateful to try & get someone in trouble like that. the lying is what really had me in disbelief..LOL
I just laughed at it b/c I knew I was in the right..As much as we want to please our clients they are not always right..I say if a client acts up & causes you stress stick up for yourself & your abilities & get rid of's not worth the stress... Sorry u had to deal with that nut-job & good luck :cry:
Quote:I am genuinly stressed out about her returning.

So why rebook her?

Sure you can "correct" her or analyse her issues or "stick up for yourself" and whatever but is it really worth your time or her money?

If that was me, I wouldn't say a word, I'd just get rid of her. A client like that can cause untold issues for your business and aside from life being too short to have to put up with nutters like that, I think on a professional level it's very wise to distance yourself immediately from these types of individuals.

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