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**Mini Dust Collector?
What is your opinion on that? I am a mobile nailtech and this is small enough to take with you...
i luv those little dust suckers as a matter of fact i am buying another one for christmas.. my present to me.. (i broke the last one..dropped a brush in it while the fan was on..dont do
Kathie Kirkpatrick get a grip on reality and choke it to death
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It will work perfectly for your mobile work. Just remember to empty the bag every time (before you pack it up) so that the dust doesn't get all over your other supplies. Your clients will be impressed that you are leaving their home dust-free Smile
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Oh ok you convinced me I'll order it! I can't see where the bag goes, it doesn't show on the pic...I hope it comes with refills??
The bag is underneath - you can't see it in the picture. It's easy to remove and clean. The one I got years ago came with 3 bags, so hopefully yours does too. I would empty it out and wash it by hand then hang to dry. It's easy to use.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Kristina! So glad you posted this, I have been thinking of buying one. Now I will!
Scratchmyback-thank you for your tip! sounds really easy!
Where can I get one of those in the US?
#9 49.95
I have a question for the ones who used this, do you still wear a dust mask?,
and where do you get your replacement bags?.

Scratchmyback says hers came with replacement bags, does anyone know if the one from premier nail source comes with extra bags too?.

I have the luraco, it works ok for me, but I McGyver it to my file with tape lol!, so I can't use it anymore (hands free). :?
I saw this one
I just couldn't where it is coming from. It comes with 2 bags.
Quote:JulieM :
> I saw this one
> MANICURE-UV-ACRYLIC-SALON-TOOLS-PINK-/190577185749?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c5f4913d5#shId
> I just couldn't where it is coming from. It comes with 2 bags.

Hi JulieM, thanks!, the seller is in Hong kong.
Oh Hey! I'm sorry didn't see that! Let me know if you find one in the US. I want to get one.
i'm intrested in this one as well...for home bad for 48.55 usd tax included!! meausres about 13x9x4.5 in, but i wanted to compare to larger size but theres no measurements...oh well...still gonna get the small one. thanks for posting this!!
This is what I use right now, it's a lot better than no fan for sure, but I want to get a Valentino before I start my acrylic courses.
Quote:JulieM :
> Oh Hey! I'm sorry didn't see that! Let me know if you find one in the US. I
> want to get one.

They have them at Premier Nail Source, Monique already post the link.

But I have a direct one if you want to check it out, just don't now if it comes with the extra bags?, and wonder if this is the mini version or it's just one standard size?, sorry I am a little lost here Big Grin.
Don't let the word 'mini' throw you off in the title of this thread. It's only the one size, and the one in the link is the same as the one I have. I got mine from ebay several years ago. Best to call Premier and ask them how many bags come with it, or if they sell replacements. If you handle the bags with care they will last a long time. I still have all 3 of mine.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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