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Useful SOG gadget!
I got these gizmos off ebay. They work great! Beats cutting up foils. You have to use some extra cotton on smaller nails but I'd rather that than dealing with foil tearing and leaking.
I think I saw these in the Dec. NAILS
Always be get farther.
Very cool ;-) I bought their soak off bowls that you put hot water underneath and it works great! I don't use foils, I probably waste much more acetone, but oh we'll!
I tghink I saw some on a nail supply site but can't remember which one. Are they one time use only?
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
MitcheleSheree :
> I tghink I saw some on a nail supply site but can't remember which one. Are
> they one time use only?

From what I have read about them, they are re-usable......they would have to be for the price they are. Although they are not cheap, they are not expensive either but there is no way any tech could cover the costs of using these if they were single use only.
From my memory they can be sterilized to use again.
Yep, they're reusable and they clean up easily.
Oh no looks like I'm buying more stuff Big Grin
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
awesome..if not for myself.
I am sick of wrapping foil on my own fingers..
how much easier this would be for my opposite hand fer sure
I just ordered 2 sets. They looks pretty handy as I am one of those that makes a disaster with foil. Cant wait to get them
yep ordered mine Smile
Could have used them last night I am sick of the foils..
I have the lil cap things u fill with Acetone & what a mess..oh & they are so tight & kinda hurt after a few min. I have small fingers & can't imagine how they feel on clients with larger poor thumbs I swear were bruised..LOL

I wonder how it would work on toes..I am sure they are not gonna fit properly
they should make one for toes too
Hey!! I only have my droid phone and I cannot get the link to work and I tried my besg to find them on ebay myself and no luck!! plz help me--- I want someSmile
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
Tracy, sent you an email with the info.
I can't wait for your thoughts in how they work, please don't forget to share Big Grin .

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