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Crafty questions
I'm looking for suggestions to turn business cards into keyrings for a gift to clients either new clients or at Christmas. Any suggestions? Also suggestion for some place to get a lot of odd and end silverware cheap? One of my clients has a key ring that a friend took a spoon cut the handle part off and bent it over a key ring. I'm thinking this would be good to give clients for a can opener to protect their nails. Plus it's an interesting conversation piece, so anytime someone would ask about it, it would get my name out there.
Thanks ladies. Just trying to think of gifts for clients for Christmas or thank yous so suggestions welcome.

Wish I could figure out a way to make different size acrylic rings, then I'd do that as a thank you gift for them too. Suggestions welcome on this too.
Hello! As a 'crafter' myself, I have researched a lot of different biz card ideas and I know I saw an actual company that will recreate your card in a keyring style that is also a file. Not sure where I saw it, but you may want to look around the net. Or maybe someone will pipe in with that.
As far as spoons go, I go to second hand shops ( I use them to create garden sculptures).
Now the different sized rings--you can use different sized dowel rods from the craft or hardware store. Wrap them in tin foil or wax paper for easy removal.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
laminate them. punch a whole and buy key rings at a craft store.
Or, minimize your card on a printer then print out a smaller one and take a pretty piece of scrapbook paper and glue it to a piece thta is slightly larger than your card and then laminate,punch hole and put ring through.

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