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Business Plan- Hours
I am working on a business plan and need to determine my hours of operation. I know that if I work locally, I can begin earlier. If I wind up having to drive to somewhere I know I can make money, my hours will be somewhat different. The town I would go to is about an hour away and if I go to the west, an hour and a half. According to my business plan, I will need to be in the salon 50 hours a week. I don't mind putting in the hours, just need to arrange them. The town I would go to is a college town, so everything is pretty much open all the time. I wonder about Sunday afternoons, and I can add hours on Monday. I would like to have some time with the hubby (he works 2nd shift) I can do longer hours each day because of this. Give me some ideas please.
Always be get farther.
I am getting ready to put together my own plan so I need to keep watch on this thread too. Good luck to you! Big Grin
Wow, 50 salon hours is a lot! Home you take your vitamins. :wink: My situation may be different because I work alone, but I'll chime in for whatever it's worth.

I have posted hours of 11-5 Tue to Fri, with evenings and Saturdays by appointment. So it only looks like I work 24 hours a week. Smile I work later than 5:00 three or four days a week - usually until 7:30 or 8:00. I try to take one Saturday a month off to have a full weekend with my DH so we can go play. So on average I'm in the studio about 38 hours a week, but if I don't have clients scheduled in the evenings or on Saturday I go home, I don't sit around waiting for walk ins. Once you add in the bookkeeping and product ordering that I do at home I'm at about 42-45 hours a week which is plenty for my taste.
Nail Tech/Owner
50 hours includes working hours, cleaning, and down time- for between clients to set back up.
Always be get farther.
Whew, I thought you meant your plan required 50 hours of service time. :lol: Made my back hurt just thinking about it!

I guess the key to my schedule, and what makes it work for me week in and week out, is that it's flexible in the evenings & weekends so that I can still have a life while working full time - but the client's have the benefit of some set hours they can just walk in to buy product, schedule an appointment, or just grab a cookie!

Also, for me starting later keeps my day from being too long, and allows me to schedule outside appoinments (doctor, massage, etc.) before work without altering my set hours. Hope you come up with the perfect plan for you!
Nail Tech/Owner

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