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Officially addicted to Martha Stewart glitters at Michaels!!
I know they're a little pricey, but for how much you get, you can't go wrong! Plus, they're 25% off right now at Michaels (there is a 24 pack for $29.99 -25%!! They are totally beautiful!! You won't believe how pretty they are :o
Post some pics if you could please. I've been interested in them but the pics online aren't very detailed.
Michael's here just brought in a new brand that is also awesome. It's Called Recollections, You should look for that one as well Big Grin
My Micheal's carries that brand also. Have you or anyone else tried it with acrylic or gel? What do you think? They have nice colors and they're a little cheaper than MS
I use them in acrylic as well as the Martha Stewart and they are awesome I have all of them :lol:
I just bought the Recollections brand with a coupon, so it was a great deal. I use it in gel and the colors are great! They had colors I haven't found elsewhere, so it's been fun using those and mixing some as well.
Thanks ladies!
I'd love to see pics if you have any! I was in there the other day buying stuff for my nails. My husband was so funny with his helping.

I have the app for my phone so I don't have to cut coupons. They just scan the coupon on your phone and you're ready to go.
I do not know how to include a pic in my posts here Confusedhock:

I have the green glitter on my toes right now and can take a pic, but how do you embed into the message??!
You can see the pics my nails which are all Martha Stewart and Recollections glitter at
I haven't figured out how to include pics either. LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I thought I would mess with it some more tonight. I'll let you know if I figure it out.

I love how you store all of your glitters and powders! So smart and cool looking!

You do very good work also! I can't wait to get that good!
Thank You moonkissed, but I can't take the credit on my acrylic storage I got the idea from Panche' Studio Blog. But I do love how it looks and the convinciance of it. 8)

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