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Waiting List management
Being fairly new to the nail industry, I have just started to have a waiting list in the past month or so, and am looking for any input on how you manage your list!

Do you go strictly by first come first served, or do you prioritize existing clients? Thanks in advance for your ideas!
Nail Tech/Owner
My client that have supported me are on a priority list, they come first.
You will find you can gauge the client and how they will come and go, if they miss appointment if they just don't think that it's a job for you and they think it is just your hobby. those are the ones that I put to a list of -if I can take them I will, but I won't let a good client down to let them in.
Pam Smith
Nails at Last Salon
[email protected]

Chinese proverb:
Women who scratch butt
should not bite fingernails!
My 1st husband was union, when the job was done he went on a wait list.. when opening came up, they started at the top of the list, you were allowed to refuse twice before getting sent to the back of the list.

With that in mind, I had a page in my book with names, phone numbers and a quick note as to their availablity. I called and if they could they did. They all appreciated it. If I got REALLY bad vibes from someone I made that note also or just pretended to put them on the list Smile oops did I say that out loud.. yeah guess I did Smile
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I think we need a like button on here! LOL!
Did I say that out loud?
Pam Smith
Nails at Last Salon
[email protected]

Chinese proverb:
Women who scratch butt
should not bite fingernails!

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