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Alternative to CND ScrubFresh?
I accidently ran out of ScrubFresh (thought I had another bottle but didn't) and am looking for a alternative (perferrably something a little more natural) until I can get another bottle.

You can probably used 99% alcohol as a substitute. I've used it with my Shellac application instead of Scrubfresh and have had no problems.
Yes I believe alcohol is fine. I use acetone also...and im almost positive that Scrubfresh is just a combo of the 2 anyways...with just an anti- microbrial product in there. And of course...the blue coloring.

Dont sweat it...Scrubfresh is good...but not compeltely necessary.
Ive done nails for years with out using it on a regular basis. Honestly...I only use it now because I dont pay for it. And, the anti-microbrial factor appeals to me as well.

Hope this helps you ! Smile
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I have been use 90% alcohol that I buy at Kmart, Target and Walmart also carry it.
I mix my alcohol with acetone.
I use alcohol. Once I ditched the scrub fresh, my lifting problems stopped.

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I use Light Elegance cleanser which is 95% alcohol and 5% acetone.
ScrubFresh contains roughly 50% isopropyl alcohol and 50% acetone, with 1% other stuff, so I just mix a 50:50 solution of 100% isopropyl alcohol and acetone. It works perfectly.
I was at a class, August 7th, and learned that you can use a three to one ratio...three parts 99% alcohol, 1% acetone.
I learned that you may not want to use brand name cleansers, because they may contain additional ingredients that also may cause lifting, peeling, chipping of the enhancements, sogs..etc.
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I love this site!! thank you for all your information...Smile

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