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ready to throw in the towel
I have been renting a booth since April (I know it is not a long time and it is summer in AZ and the slowest time here), but every week I am barely making rent. If you include my cost of products, I probably am not making rent. I don't know what to do anymore to get clientele. I only work part-time (thank goodness for my full-time job, otherwise there would be no money). For the amount I make and the time I sit in the salon with nothing, it is costing me money. How long do I give it before I yell "uncle" and throw in the towel? I am not a quitter, but my time away from home making nothing is getting frustrating.

The reason I don't work for someone is I already work for someone at a stressful full-time job. I don't want it to be an act of God to take a day off. I have given away stuff, etc. Anyone else feeling like this?

My first year in business I lost money. You have to expect it. I know it is frustrating but it is not unusual. I would actually be surprised if you were making money. I say give it till next April. It takes about a year to see results. If anything, you have something to compare to (last April to this April, last May to this May).
No! Don't give up so soon. It can take at least 6mos to a year to build. Are you doing any kind of advertising? You can print up some flyers. Go around to the businesses in your area and introduce yourself. Hand out business cards to everyone. Use the shops cards and write your name and hours on it if you don't have your own.If you are in a hair and nail salon go around and introduce yourself to the clients. Get a frame and print out a special and put that into a frame and display on a countertop near the receptionist. If you have paraffin, offer a free paraffin treatment with a service. I have spent many many hours and months sitting on my butt and losing my motivation. I have worked in a few places and finally the right one came along where I didn't mind doing the time. It pays off later on and if it doesn't then it is time to look elsewhere.It seems like you still want to give it a shot. Have you tried using Facebook? Does the shop owner have a facebook page?
I am sure you will be getting lots more advice from others on here. Lots of luck and try to hang in. At least give it till New years.
I know you said you don't really want to work for a salon but prefer renting. May I just suggest this; if you were working part time for the owner, they would carry the burden of product, bringing clients in, tax withholdings, advertising, bills, and be required to pay you minimum wage for total hours worked if your not making that from the clients. You would at least make some money, and you wouldn't have the stress of the business owner.
You would just need to make it clear and fair what hours your available, and be there at those times. We have all had to pay our dues in this business by sitting around, working late, weekends and so on. And then when you have built the clientele you can be comfortable increasing hours and then going it on your own. I work part time as well, for health reasons. And I will let you honestly it's hard to build a book with restricted hours. I have been doing nails 18 years and I could still use more clients. That's another topic though.
And please don't get discouraged but it can take 3 years to build a full book. So your just starting out, you will get there. Us part timers just have a slower go at it. I wish you the best of luck in what ever it is you choose. If you need support you know we are all here for you. You can also email me if you would like to just chat about part time building, I can relate.
[email protected]
Thanks for the encouragement. I am hanging in as long as possible. I used to work for another salon and I had to have definite hours and it was difficult to get a day off. Although I really liked it and seemed to make some money, it was hard to build a clientele and at the end of the year when I got my earnings report, the added income (which didn't amount to much against the hours I sat there) just put me in a higher tax bracket with no deductions and I pretty much owed the IRS money. I figured renting would work, because I really didn't figure on making money at least for the first year, but I don't seem any better off right now then when I started.

I am planning a fundraiser in October in memory of a very good friend and hope that might generate some business. Now that I got the issue cleared up with the station-sharing, I don't want to bail out, but I feel like a loser sitting there week after week doing little to nothing, but practicing on my own nails. I am trying to learn some new techniques and taking classes, but purchasing new products and keeping up with trends is hard not making any money.

I remember when I was in school they said it would take two years. Well, I think that is an understatement. I would say 3-4 years if you are working full time. Not sure how long it would take to build being part time.

If you rent a space at a salon, the owner is not your boss. You are your own boss. They can't dictate to you what, when and how you do your business. Some will try, but they really don't have the right to do so.

I guess it just depends on how badly you want to be in the business. With the economy the way it is right now and everything else that is going on it may take a little longer to build a nail business these days. You may need to put pen to paper and list the good/bad and see how much you really want to be in this business.
I agree it can take 3-4 yrs. I just couldnt make it work til I moved to a full service salon and bam, I was busy. Eventually with a waiting list. I think many people think they put in a little time with school and they are going to make money. ITs a rare occaion when that happens. Everyone has to serve their time.
I'd say go work for someone else, or work in a full-service Salon. I would never booth rent at this stage of the Game, I need a year or two of additional training, and then when I go rent, I'll choose a busy full service Salon where I can have the walk-ins and existing clientele with which to build off of.

I know it's hard for you. But are there any Salons or Spas near you willing to even pay you and hourly rate for doing nails? Something is better than least you'd make money for your time and efforts.
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