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Don't let this opportunity pass you by!
Join nailtechs from across the US and Canada for at the educational event of the year! In just 2 months, the Northwest will hold its largest 4 day Nailtech Event right outside Seattle.

Ever attended a class and had to worry about hotel and meals after you already paid the fee? Most classes you can find in our industry are 1-3 educators, 1-2 days and $200-400 JUST for the class! Add in lodging and meals and you will easily be set back $600+.

Attend an event and don't worry about any of those extra costs! At the Northwest Networking Retreat, the cost for 4 days is just $409 and it INCLUDES lodging and ALL meals! You will also receive a goodie bag valued at over $350 and a chance to win raffle prizes like Valentino's Dust Collector, a Belava Tub system and KUPA E-file (many many more amazing prizes to be raffled!) It also includes 4 days of classes, workshops and a trade show with educators from various companies who are dedicated to helping you learn. Want to pick their brains? Sit with them at one of the 10 meals over the weekend and ask away! There is no other event that will give you this kind of learning opportunity for such a low investment.

Pick what you want to learn, upon arrival you will receive a schedule with over 30 learning opportunities. Ever walk around a trade show and get to a booth only to find out they are finishing a demo you would have LOVED to see?? We are helping fix that problem! During the trade show, attend scheduled demos that are less than an hour and workshops as long as 5 hours! Its all included and with a variety of educators you can see everything from classic french gels, glitter, bling and even get your skill going in 3-d acrylic workshops. Half the spots for the event are filled and prices will go up in 2 weeks. Register with just half the fee to lock in your spot and your price.

Scared to compete? Don't want to pay entry fees at a trade show because you don't think you will win? You can compete at the Retreat and win CASH! Its a stress free environment and a way to get an extra critique from top educators and experienced judges to help you improve your skills.

Check out the slide show and see last years event, view the sponsors that are sending FREE product for your goodie bag and register for this years event:
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
The slide show from last year says "internal server error" ?? Cannot view it Sad
Oh no! I'll get it working again tonight. No idea why it stopped. Computers Smile
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
Ok, I have to admit, I tend to be more of a lurker on here, but I have to post a reply to this post. I had an opportunity to attend this event last October and let me tell you, after spending 4 full days packed with education and nail fun, I made a decision not to miss this weekend ever again. I make it a point to attend as many classes as I can possibly afford to attend every year. I live in Kansas and we do not have to have continuing education. Classes are few and far between.

I think the only person I knew going into this event was Jess and I had only met her once before. I was super excited that I was able to go to this, but a little bit nervous not knowing anyone really. Everyone there was great. Just like old friends. I can't even begin to tell you guys how different this is from any other class. I think the fact that the attendees all stay at the same place and eat every meal together in the same dining hall (which has amazing ocean views), had a lot to do with helping all of us bond and get to know each other better. The night we all received our goody bags, my roomies and I dumped our bags out and sorted thru all of what we got. It was really neat, we all had the same stuff in our bags, but maybe the colors of glitter or confetti or whatever was different- we divided everything three ways and shared a little of this and that, so we ended up going home with a little more. It was just like Christmas going thru those bags! The raffle prizes were amazing too! So many donations from so many generous companies. Where would we be without all of them?!

The very first day, Vicki Peters did a class on nail structure and we were paired up and had to do 5 of our best p&w nails, then had them judged competition style by Vicki and Christine Turner. That first day and the feedback that we all received, in my mind was a chance of a lifetime. No where else that I can think of, would I have been given that opportunity. I have to say that Vicki made me cry when she was judging my nails! lol! ( That was not a bad thing either!) The next few days were filled with nail competitions, a tradeshow, so many classes to choose from, it was hard to decide which ones to go to. We had a campfire one night, pj fashion show, pillow fight contest. Just all around good times, with new good friends, and it was all about nails! Who could ask for anything better than that! Oh, I have to say one last thing and then I promise I will be finished. If I had not gone last year, I would not have had the guts to enter the online competition on this site. I truly believe that what I learned even that first day had a such a big impact on me placing in that competition and has made me a much better nail tech. The one regret that I do have from last year is that I did not take advantage of the nail competitions at the retreat. No entry fees, and if you place, the cash prizes are great!! There was nothing to lose and so much to gain, even if it was just feedback from the judges.
Really, this is a great place to be and you won't be sorry if you go. Well worth the investment!
Hi Erika!

Here is the direct link to the slideshow. Thank you for letting me know it was broken, the slideshow disappeared!

I updated the file so it loads quicker. Its fun to watch and remember all the laughter, I so look forward to this year!

PS - We have some attendees who drive up from the Portland area, I'm sure we can find you a carpool buddy!!
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
When is this event?
October 14-17. Those flying in will get picked up at the airport by volunteers that are driving. We as that flights arrive by 11am so no one misses the first hands on workshop Friday.
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
Okay, I've got to remember to register. Duh. Smile You wanna room together again, Carrie? Big Grin

Seriously folks, this is the best $400 you will spend on nail education in one spot. And you get SO MUCH in return. You will not be sorry!
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
Carrie I wanted to say how proud of what you've done since last year! Just think, you barely had finally quit your pharmacy job and were totally not confident in your skills. Now you competed and WON and you have your OWN STUDIO!! Thats serious progress girl!

Elyse you did amazing this year too, getting 2nd at Strutt and getting down to Vegas to compete!! I've known you 10 years now, will be very excited to see you again this year at Camp Burton Wink
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
Elyse, YES!!! I would love to be roomies again- Hurry up and get your rear registered!

Thanks, Jess!! It is hard to believe all that this past year has brought my way. I don't think I would have had the nerve to do half of it without a few good kicks along the way. Smile

I cannot wait!!! I remember thinking that a year is too long to wait to do this again and I am sitting here thinking that I am thankful this year has flown by so fast. It totally doesn't seem like it's been that long. Can't wait to see everyone again!!

If you are on the fence and can't decide whether or not to go, JUST DO IT! I promise it is worth it.
OMG this sounds like nail heaven!
It is!! LOL

Just got confirmation this week that Sandy Combs will be coming with 2 other artists for Harmony! Also registered this week is Amore nail artist Julie Bruce coming down from Canada! Many of you know Nicole Hollenbeck - shes an awesome BT contributor and will be there working sparkle and gel art skills for Akzentz. Nubar is sending some fantastic artists as well, not sure yet if it will be 2 or 3 of them. We are talking with Habib from YN and one of the Northwest YN representatives to put together a team of artists to join us and share their talent!

And that's just the beginning Cindy! As we are continuing talks with numerous manufactures to arrange for just the right educators to join us we will add the confirmed educators to the list. Smile
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
Ohhhhh how I wish I lived in the USA!!

This sounds so awesome, you lucky ducksSmile

We don't get things like this here in AustraliaSad
From what I've ever seen, we would be lucky to get an overnighter and that's it.

If I had the money (I would need lots of it) I would fly over just to attend something like this. I watched the slide show of last years retreat and it looks like a great time was had by all.
What a great opportunity to attend something like this, you would be mad to miss it if you close enough to attend.

Have fun to those of you who are going, please make sure you come back and fill us jealous cause we can't go techs in Smile
I wish I could afford the flight. Sad sigh, I will just look for you gals n guys to tell us about all the fun.
I was at the retreat last year as well. WOW doesn't even do it!

I was still in "nail school". Myself and most of the girls in my class and the one after ours were able to go. We did fund raising at the school to raise as much money as we could.
The school "Evergreen Beauty & Barber College" in Everett Wa. is doing it again this year. I'm so excited for them. Smile

At the retreat I learned SOOO much more then what I was getting at school. Our instructor Lauren did a fabulous job training us & was at the retreat with us as well. I know all the info we got made us all better nail techs. Plus it was just so much fun!! Met so many wonderful women. It's wonderful to still talk with a lot of them still. Whenever I have a question I know I've got several nail tech's I can go to for help. Or just to chat.

And like Jess said. It's a beautiful location! GREAT food. Each meal was something different.

So I'd say to everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a new nail tech or an old timer (no offense to you that have been doing nails for years. Big Grin ) You will learn something. And make great friends from all over. DO IT!!
should be a great time, getting new educators signed up.

Goodie bag items are already showing up!!!!

Going to be some outstanding door prizes this year.
Ellen Torchia
Owner Too Much Fun
President SB&S Graphics, Inc
Replicator Graphics

Former Top 10 Competitor

"A mind once stretched by the imagination never regains it's original form."
Anyone going this year? I'm registered, hoping to connect with some people before I go Smile
I wish I was going sounds to go to be true
Get Nailed at JB Salon & Day Spa
I want to go! I cant imagine the cost of the flight from Nebraska, nothing is ever a straight flight from here.
Oh geez, I just realized this post is from two years ago. Is there another this year? Dates?
October 18th-21st I am soooo excited Smile
I just wanted to let you know, as of now this October 2013 event is SOLD OUT with over 100 nail techs and educators attending. We may have 1 cabin that we can open up that is currently reserved for students. If you are on the fence about attending, go to the website and register for the waiting list, we will contact you if/when we have any spare beds.
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator

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