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Diabetic question????
How many Nail technicians are there out there that do have it & what do you do to keep your blood sugar down knowing you sit to do nails & only have time to eat once & not able to go for a walk after. I work every Hr. on the Hr. & don't make the time to really eat properly so I keep a bag of chicken & broccoli down at the shop for when I do get to eat & thats it. What do you do to keep it maintained??? Need all the info. I can get...

Thank You for your help.

P.S. I just found out that I am a Diabetic, so sad... =[
Nature has you covered. You can keep grapes, raisins, bananas, etc in case your sugar gets too low.

To stop your sugar from getting too high, nature also has the answer. You can have nuts, which can help with hunger between clients. Some low glycemic fruits that are super easy to eat between clients are cherries, dried apricots, and apples. Veggies are cauliflower, celery, and broccoli.
I'm sorry to hear that. While I am not diabetic I do have an ovary disorder that causes me to be insulin resistant and it is important for me to control my blood sugar as well. You MUST make time now for yourself. It is imperative to schedule a lunch of at least 20 min so you know you have time. There are just no good excuses not to take care of your needs.
The trick at work is to eat every 3-3.5 hours and you only need 5 min for a snack. If that snack is like mine, raw almonds or cheese sticks its easy finger foods. If you do not take time to care for yourself you will suffer in the long run and that will trickle into everyone who cares about you. Its a whole 5 min for snack and 20 for lunch, please don't say you cannot take 30 min through out your day to love your body with fuel. Sad
Getting foods low on the GI chart ( google ) and read read what you can. Seeing a nutritionist as well, it's a learning curve. There are a lot of ways to avoid shots using the right foods. You would be surprised what we thought was healthy is actually not.
Thank You Footie... I'm gettin the Nuts & Apples... =]
My hubby has been diabetic since Feb., 1986, and me- about 3 years ago.
I am insulin resistant, so I take a lot of insulin. Are you on pills or insulin? If you are on pills you have to watch your diet with an eagle eye. With insulin, you can cheat a little bit at times. For low blood sugars, you can get gloucose tablets at any drug store and Wal-Mart. They are not expensive. Another good thing to keep on hand is hard candies, like Lifesavers. Foodwise, you are most importantly watching your carb intake- starches. Veggies are for the most part are free. Meats, eggs, most condiments are carb-free. Condiments like catsup, relish, jelly, some BBQ sauce do have a few carbs, but if used in minimal amounts are not enough to raise your sugar levels much. A serving of carbs normally is about 15 grams. You do need to eat regular meals and sometimes snacks. Of course, when you talk to a nutritionist, they will tell you portion sizes for all foods. But most diabetic specialists will tell you that tyhe carb control is most important- which it is, especially if you are not overweight. As far as fruits go, a small apple is a serving, 1/2 banana, about 8-10 grapes, half an orange, 1/2 cup orange juice. Low sugar, drink a regular soda....Mt. Dew has a bit higher sugar content. Nuts are fats and won't affect blood sugar, but are protien and will keep you from getting hungry. Raisins- small box about 2 carb servings. Also, some carbs react faster than others- glycemic index. I personally can eat a slice of bread and send my sugar level sky high, but eat a cup of ice cream and barely phase it. I hope thids helps some. Your doctor should have a lot of information for you. Good luck.
Always be get farther.
Okay. I am not diabetic but hypoglycemic. Are you able to ingest fat free milk, or fat free milk substitute like almond, hemp, or soy milk and whey powder or vegetable (vegan) protein powder? That's how I eat; I have pre-blended shakes in bottles, and I drink 1/2 a bottle every 3-4 hours, it keeps me from bonking. You can keep it in a lunchbag w/icepacks in it under your desk, and drinking it down only takes a good 30 seconds.

Here are some ideas that I use to keep my protein high throughout the day. Protein is best for keeping blood sugar stable. If I eat JUST carbs at a meal or snack, my sugars crash an hour later. Try keeping peanut butter or almond butter at the salon. One spoonful between clients will give you a good number of calories including protein. Use the grind yourself kind or watch the sugar content on the label.

Here are some other ideas for food between clients:
Morning Star Farms "grillers" veggie patty (frozen section, buy on sale)
cottage cheese (1/2 cup should do it)
protein bar (if you don't like shakes. WATCH the sugar content!)
edamame with a bit of salt (buy it pre-shelled) HIGH protein Smile
Teriyaki Chicken breasts (Tyson brand, Costco-LOW sugar! Smile (fully cooked)

I am hypoglycemic and I cannot stress HOW much better I feel when I eat protein 5 times a day, small portions. My blood sugar stays stable and my energy skyrockets.
I'm sorry Sad My 11 year old was diagnosed 2 years ago. She is a Type 1. She is on a pump so it's not to hard to keep her level. We still have our times when she forgets to dose after she eats. Drinking water helps bring down her sugars and proteins are a big help.
15 raw almonds with 1/4 cup of black berries ( or 1 cheese stick instead of almonds ) is my most favorite easy affordable snack! Mmmm I look forward to those so much.
Thank you guys, evey little bit of info. helps. I am on the pills right now & I do eat a lot of Vegies & proteins. It is the in between clients when i am at work that I am having the probs. I work from 8am to 5 or 7 pm & having a hard time with it. I have started keeping the pre cooked chicken strips not breaded kind at work with vegies for lunch. but some times the client comes in early right after the client I just finished & wants me to start on their nails cause they are in a hurry to get going & they know I'm a diabetic. I think I am going to have to post a sign at work that says "I am a Diabetic & I have to get a lunch & snack in so please don't come in 30 min. early to your apt. because I need that time to test my blood sugars now. Thank you..." or something like that. I have to do something to maintain... =]

Thanks for your help... =]
I would tell these people when you book their appointment that it won't do any good to come early, because you have to have lunch since you are diabetic. If they still insist on coming, kindly remind them and go ahead with your lunch. Most people are understanding about diabetics. If they aren't ask them if they have ever had to deal with someone having a low sugar attack????? If they ever see it once, they won't want to see it again.
Always be get farther.
Oh yeah, put your foot down NOW about clients that come in early. You NEED to take the time to eat. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. And if your clients don't understand that, they should be invited to take a flying leap. OH, that just irritates the crap out of me, the thought of those people coming on on YOUR time, figuring it must be okay because you're just SiTTING there, you should be able to do their nails, right? UGH. Some people!

Seriously, if you have to, print up a sign that states very clearly that early-birds are no longer allowed. You can choose whether or not to explain why. Smile

PS--I'm diabetic too, but so far I don't need meds or insulin; my sugars are in good control. So sometimes I go too long during the day without eating, but not often. I just don't feel good when I do that. Little snacks throughout the day are best. I like nuts and cheese and pepperoni sticks. Big Grin
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
I don't know if putting a sign up announcing your personal health problems is a good idea but I would defo put up a sign that says something along the lines of "With no exceptions I can no longer accept early birds for their appt's, I will not be available for any services from 12pm to 12.30pm daily"
Or something like that, I'm not the best with words sometimes and this is one of those times, but you know what I meanSmile

I hope you can do what ever you need to to take care of your health cause at the end of the day, if you don't start doing what is right for you now, you won't be around to even have a business to let overload you.

I wish you all the best Smile
Angela: I understand exactly where you're coming from as I am diabetic also! Besides some of the other good suggestions you've received, having hard-boiled eggs on hand at all times and sipping soup from a mug are lifesavers in-between clients for me.

I wish you the best, and do take care of yourself -- no one else will!


"Winners never quit and quitters never win"

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