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Acrylic, Tips vs Sculpt, and Mani/Pedi Questions...
I wasn't in the business too long before I had to take some time off to help my Mom when my step dad passed away.
I'm starting back up soon and VERY excited!!
But, I have a few more supplies to purchase and also a few questions...
I used OPI Absolute in the past because it was less expensive, but I'm thinking of switching to CND. Seems like a lot of people on this board like it. Any thoughts?

And can anyone tell me their preference over using a tip vs sculpting with forms?

I'm also interested in favorite mani/pedi lines.
Does anyone prefer one particular line?
Or a mixture of several?

Any help is appreciated!
I've been reading some of the posts and I'm amazed at how much everyone knows! I'm learning sooo much!!

I tip and sculpt, both. It depends on the client which I do

I use a mixture of stuff for my pedi's and mani's. I use Blue Cross cuticle remover for cuticle and for callus remover. It's a great product for a cheap price.

I use Hempz for my massage, it smells great and has good slip. I also retail it.

If you're wanting to save money on acrylic, contact Nailite for samples of their acrylic line. For the money, their stuff is no frills and does a great job.
I have recently been seeing ads in the nail mags for Republic Nails. I went to the website and was amazed at the prices- very low. OK, I'm a product junkie, so I ordered the basics- everything anyone would need to start out, plus a couple extras. I was totally surprized. I have thin nails and short nail beds and this product is working better for me than anything I have ever used, including my wonderful Tammy Taylor. I have to recomend it for anyone that wants to save money. I love the Omega, too, but you can purchase smaller quantities of the Republic.
For pedi supplies, Nailite has some good ones, also Primier Nail Source has a great deal on peppermint pedi products. I would recomend the Nouveau Spa too. It smells wonderful- tropical fruit. They have a kit at a good price. Qtica is another- a bit more expensive. Haken is good, still a bit more expensive.
I also sculpt and use tips. I find that sculpts last longer on most of my clients- no glue to let go. Also, I can customize for biters and those with problem nails.
It really depends on what you want to spend or have to spend. I love bargains, especially when the products work.
Always be get farther.
Thank you both so much for the info!! I really appreciate it!! Smile

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