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Does anyone use a brush bigger than a 8/10?
I know a lot of the NSS do. I wanted to know what the benefits were; why you choose to use a larger brush.
What does NSS stand for? I use a #12 acrylic brush, I like the 1-ball method..however; I'm a gels girl all the way, acrylics are more of a Hobby now for me.
NSS Non standard salon. If you catch my drift....I don't want to get into that. Thanks 4 the info.
the benefit would be that you could do as erindoesnails does, do a one ball nail. Done properly it's very fast. The down side is the possibility of flooding the nail with liquid, since you're working with a much larger amount than normal. It's definitely a tool for an experienced tech.
Whoops, I guess I saw the big brush used at the NSS and thought "oh cool", way before I went to School, so in School I just used it. Yep, I suggest to definitely learn by using Tammy Taylor's Nails in Stages...with that big of a brush? You *need* control and just the right sized ball. Smile
Oh, and no offense, I don't like the term NSS. The Asians have immensely helped to advance the nail industry. Yes, I have used the term ChopShop myself to the highly unethical practices of one place I was working for, and how the owner there was cheating us techs out of our proper commission split plus being dishonest with the clients on pricing as well. (bait and switch).

I regret using that term truly, we should respect our brothers and sisters out in the industry and have compassion for those that work hard to try to make a good living despite being underpaid for doing nails. Yes, there are some illegals out there doing nails unfortunately but for the most part, most are licensed now here from what I understand, I could be wrong. State Board crawls over the Salons here I have heard from people I know working out there, checking licenses and ID's.

I will never ever use any term like that again.

The term NSS doesn't stand for Asian salons. It is any salon, with any race/gender/class (or whatever!) that does not follow proper state board issue guidelines or "Standards". I have known of many non-standard salons that were "American" high-end salons that were nasty examples of NSS.
Thought it meant Asian Shops. My bad.

Moving on-
Reflecting: Then I guess the very 1st Job I had that I quit was a high-end NSS Salon. Posh on the outside, really bad sanitation and service techniques. You'd be amazed at what goes on behind the black curtains sometimes.

I've been doing nails almost 10 years and have yet to see State Board come in to any salon I've been at. Spoke with a girl yesterday who's been doing nails 21 years and has seen the inspectors only 3 times. Kinda sad since many salons are not following proper sanitation/disinfection, not to mention how many techs aren't even licensed.

But I digress, I believe it's Joseph Pham who can do a full set of acrylics in under 15 minutes with the one ball method and a big brush. Simply amazing!
jimsjadab :
> NSS Non standard salon. If you catch my drift....I don't want to get into that.
> Thanks 4 the info.

Oh shoot I did not mean Asian by saying "If you catch my drift" I just did not want to go into all of the ways NSS differ. Such as poor sanitation. 'Sanding' away at natural nails. Charging more for UV top coat and calling it gel nails. No cuticle work before applying acrylics. Using mma, using low quality products... Sorry if you took it the wrong way. I was reading the new post on this thread and was thinking *wait a minute where did that come from* I'm sure some of the so called high end salons cut corners.
I use NSI's precision #8 brush and love it BUT...

I have just purchased a #12 Kolinsky and it is much bigger than I expected, so this will be fun trying to get the hang on this oneSmile

I know a tech who uses a size 20 and the one BIG ball method, she gets loads of lifting and I am sure it's cause she floods the nail too much with too much product but she disagreesSad
I am retiring my Big Bertha. I noticed that she is shedding since I have had her stored. She is a size 18. The point isn't holding like it did. The bigger brushes take more liquid, and since I sculpt more, I am using a smaller brush for controll. I use TT medium and large custom brushes mostly. BTW Tammy can sculpt a set of pink & whites in just over 17 minutes.
Always be get farther.
I've seen her videos, they're very inspiring.

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