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how much to charge for shellac or gelish
How much do you guys charge for a gelish or shellac mani or pedi compared to a normal mani or pedi??
If adding gel polish to a mani or pedi I add an additional $15 to the service.
Martine M.
we run a first time special for a $15 gel mani, after that its $25. Our gel pedi is $50
First you need to know what you think your clients will and won't pay for and a lot of that depends on where you are located. In my area people are pretty conservative so charging alot is out of the question.

You should get 40 some sets of application out of a bottle of Shellac. So figuring that in plus base and top coat, plus use of the light, double that for profit, I figured $10 was plenty to charge extra for adding it to the service. Since I can do the added gel polish in the same amount of time as a regular manicure nothing is added extra for time. HTH!!
I charge based on the extra time it takes, so a $10 add on for hands and $15 for the feet.
I went into the CND website and they have a cost per service table for Shellac. They say it costs $5.36 per service. This is only for Shellac products...there is also the cost of cleanser, prep, nail wipes, etc., to figure in.
I charge an additional $15 for mani or pedi.
Always be get farther.
That cost on their table includes removal with their wraps, so if you didn't use those it would be significantly less. Just depends on how you want to remove the product.
I add $10. No one around here would spend more than that. Otherwise they will go to the Cheap shops.

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