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Does CND marine mask really feel cool?
Ok, since CND warming scrub is not really that warm I will try for the cool effect. DOes the marine cooling mask really have a cool feeling? I would also like to use something cool to do the foot massage. Any suggestions.
It feels slightly cool, but the same thing with the Earth line (turns foot the color of the mask and hard to get off). Pedi-Ice by Gena feels pretty good.
Ugh! I had it in my hands today and couldn't make a decision. Was thinking about Haken's line. They have a new Eucalyptis one
I have used several different pedi lines and my clients LOVE the cnd warming scrub. I don't know how in the world it wasn't warm to someone. I love the soak that goes with that line. But the scrub is kinda hard to rinse off but not impossible. jmo
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Yes it definitely cools. I love it for summer pedis. You'll feel it for hours afterward!!
My head is spinning! I keep putting it on and taking it off my premiernailsource shopping cart. I charge $40 for a pedi and $10 extra for any add-on. I am searching for products that give an instant WOW. Ok, I am ordering the hot and cold from CND. THey have promotions going on right now if anyone needs.
Thanks for your opinions
Have any of you tried the cocoa line from It claims to have a warm feeling also. THe prices are significantly less. I have been waiting and waiting for their samples. If they don't come today I am ordering the CND.
Sillysoup just a heads up, the Earth line from CND is really hard to remove. And it's the scrub that heats up, not the mask. I do love the entire Marine line though.
Marine Masque is my FAV pedi product ever, makes your feet feel like they chewed a piece of spearmint gum lol
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I, too, LOVE the Marine line! It does cool the feet for a long time. I have no trouble getting the mask off at all. Eucalyptus or peppermint are both very cooling.
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It does feel slightl cooler, but my clients liked the way it tingles!!
I'm sorry but the best cooling gel that cnd had was the marine gel that they discontinued. My clients love that. You can however still get at
I also purchased a cooling gel by Gena. I will use it for the massage. We will see what happens. Now I gotta convince everyone that they need this because they have tired aching feet. Not easy trying to make a few bucks.

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