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what causes pocket lifting?
i don't know what i'm doing wrong but some of my clients have pocket lifting ( i guess this is the right term to use for lifting that occurs in the middle of the nail like a bubble).i'm using brisa gels with protein bond currently but i guess it's something to do with the way i work and not the product prep is very good (actually i perform a complete manicure in every rebalance) and i am very careful in every step.i use after preping 2 coats of protein bond and then i start aplying the i applying to much of bond?what else should i consider?
When your gels lift, especially pocket lifting, the first thing you should check is your bulbs. How old are they? If you're doing a lot of gel or gel top coat or gel polish, you may be using your lamp more than you think, and your bulbs with lose their UV power eventually. It happens gradually. I always change my bulbs (in my Brisa lamp) about every 3-4 months.

Also, it could be what your clients are doing with their nails. Brisa is pretty flexible for a hard gel, and that can be a good thing, and a bad thing, depending on your clients' habits. Do they bang their hands around? Jam fingers? Some ladies do stuff like this without even realizing, so you'll probably hear "but I never do anything with my hands!" or some-such. (yeah, right, is what I think. Big Grin :roll: )

Those are the two main things I would consider. Your prep is probably not the issue, but it wouldn't hurt to make sure you're thoroughly removing the non-living tissue from the nail plate. This isn't usually a problem in the center of the nail, though!

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
Elyse in WA
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OH, I just re-read and realized you said you were using Protein Bond. Okay, I LOVE that stuff, but I only use it for the product line it was made for. I would suggest using CND's acid free primer, and Scrub-Fresh. If you need to, use the other one too, the one that dehydrates. I can't remember what its' called (used to be Nail Fresh). It's a deep dehydrator. Use them all together for best results. If you were to troubleshoot with CND (which I recommend doing also) they will ask you if you're using the whole system.

Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
i currently only have one client who i do gels on, but i found that the glue i was using to glue on the tips was the culprit for my pocket lifting. i use backscratchers brush on glue. so now i make sure all of the glue is filed off before i put the gel on.
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i changed my lamps recently so this is not an prep as i said is very good and i check all the nails before i start applying gel.i switched to protein bond cause i had more lifting with creatives bonder than with protein bond.i always tell my clients to use solar oil and to tell me if they changed anything to their day routine and especially one client of mine i know she has been honest totally with her activities thats why i don't know why she has pocket lifting because it doesn't make sense.any other thing that i should check out?
If your layers are too thick, this can also result in pocket lifting.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
again my layers are thin .i don't know what else causes this kind of it maybe that i apply sometimes the bonder not only in the nail but at the gel when i perform a rebalance?could this be a problem?
I dont know if this article will help. Its here on BT in the celebrity Q&A section.

Ooops your using gel and for some reason I didnt catch the q&a is about acrylic.
thanks sobeit for your help!i found other articles that can help me Smile as for my problem i haven't troubleshoot it yet.. Sad anyone else having the same problem? Smile
Pocket lifting with acylics is too wet or too dry application.. with gels it can be improper curing or too tick application. There is an article here, let me find it.. grr I cant find it now.. I really have to consolidate the articles... sorry OH but now I see that sobeit linked the article I was looking for! 2 pts Peggy! thanks!
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I just want to post a quick follow to elyse's comment about bulbs. I wanted to add that make sure you are getting high quality bulbs- direct from CND, sylvania or Phillips. Cheap bulbs can be weak right out of the box.

One other thing you can try is a more flexible bonding gel. If a clients nails naturally flex easy, they may pull awa from the nail plate. A more flexible bonding gel or gel system all together may help quite a bit.
Jessica Hoel
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