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Konad Help
Hey ya'll,
We just got the Konad stamping nail art system in the salon. While we've figured out how to use it on already polished and dry nails.....we are having some difficulty with clients who want it when they come in for other services. The polish is not dry enough to use it right after a service. So how are ya'll doing this without wrinkling or messing up the polish?

We have tried applying fast dry top coats (such as Diamond Dry) and waiting 3-5 minutes after polishing. This works great EXCEPT when we go to add top coat over the stamped art (yes, we are letting it dry completely) it is running with the top coat. We have tried many different top coats over the finished, dried nail art and it runs no matter what.

The only thing that has worked for us is to allow the polish to dry about 5 minutes between the 2 coats of color and then about 15 minutes after final color application and applying the stamp art before the top coat. This is WAY too time consuming and we are assuming there is a better and easier way.

Please help as we love the system and would love to be able to offer it to our clients on their regular appointment visits without the wait.

Thanks in advance.
Melodie Hand
Clayton/Raleigh, NC
I bought a bunch of Konad stuff about 6 years ago. I stuffed it in a box because I was having all those same problems. Once I started using pigments with hard gel and SOGs I brought it out again. Now I love it!
melhand:I have been playing with mine alot lately and all I can tell you is when you apply your top coat make sure you have a small drop at the end the brush and float it on. Do all nails that way , then you can go back and do a nicer thicker coat of Top coat without smearing the nailart! Hope that helps!


Quote:"using pigments with hard gel and SOGs "
I would love to learn your technique for this. Can you please post or email me?
You can wait 2 hours or more before adding a regular top coat and you will still get smearing unless you move very quickly and don't stroke over an area twice. Konad top coat is only slightly better but the entire process is still your speed versus the time it takes the topcoat to soften the Konad polish. If you use clear gel or a gel topcoat, you won't have any smearing.
Are you using the Konad polishes? I use it and don't have problems with smudging. A few tips: if you have a nail dryer have them put their fingers or toes under it to help dry the art before you put on the final top coat. Also, use a light touch when doing the stamping - as light as you can. And as Julie mentioned, do the float method.
Thanks ladies. We have tried letting them dry with an air dryer. I do not use gel topcoats as I do not like the idea of having to file or soak them off at the next visit so we use regular top coats. Tried the floating method...still smudged the design a little.

I do have some of the konad regular polishes coming in the mail soon. Will try with those to see if it makes a difference.

I love the designs but am not fond of the way they need to dry so long before applying. Most customers are not going to want to wait around that long after a service....waiting 2 hours is definitely out of the question. LOL
Melodie Hand
Clayton/Raleigh, NC

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