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What make of Pedi unit is worth it??
What type does everyone use and like or not like? We need 4 units, so far I'm confused to what's worth it and what's not?? Help : (
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I love my Footsie's because of the disposible liner, but next time I would be tempted to buy the beleva because of the pedi chair you can buy to go with it.
I use footsie and love it. Downside is the cost per liner is more expensive than disinfectant.
I used the Belava. It is nice but the only problem is you need to lift the tub each time to empty the water and that can be a pain. Unless you have it elevated that would help out from the constant bending over and lifting.
That is why I love the Footsie Bath, you can buy a basket that the liner goes into so you just carry the basket to dump the water
I started out with the Footsie, and switched to the Belava. I could not be happier.
1) Belava's customer service is AWESOME!
2) I feel Belava better accommodates more foot sizes/shapes.
3) I use less water, shallower basin.
4) I like the semi-transparent basin, it gives an illusion of clean/freshness to the clients.
5) less hot spots in the heating unit.
I have the indulgence chair to go with my basin and I love the whole thing. It was a great investment, my clients have really appreciated it.

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