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Applying white tips using acrylic not glue? Help please!!
Some years ago I think I saw a vid on how to do this but don't remember exactly. Here's why I am asking...I have a client who has severly bitten much so that what little nail she does have is very concave. I have tried sculpting the traditional way and also sculpting using the reverse method with a cover pink to create the appearance of a normal nail bed. I always have to build the bed part up so much because her own tiny nail literally looks like a deep spoon so when I add the free edge it is difficult to create a strong enough stress area without the nail becoming too bulky or without the ends turning up. So..she ends up breaking them...even though I sculpt them no longer than her fingertip. I am wondering if I use acrylic and build out her nailbed first and apply a tip to it then overlay the whole thing in clear if I can get a strong but thin nail for her. Cannot glue on a tip because there isn't enough nail to glue to and what little natural nail there is grows up not out. I am not exactly sure how to accomplish this since I have never tried that method. I have searched for a vid demonstrating this technique but have come up empty handed. Seems like the vid I saw years ago was by Premium Nails but cannot find it now..looked on their website and youtube. Does anyone have any tips for this technique or know of a vid somewhere of it? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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