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Long Island Network Day
Its in the history books now.. great day.. happy faces.. hurting shoulders from the heavy goodie bags..

Many, Many thanks to ALL the educators, the companies who donated products, raffles and or send an educator(s).. thanks to Honey & Mindy who spoke to the group.. thanks to Maureen, Gina & Cathy for stuffing the bags with me, thanks to Minday for helping at the door., and thanks to all you wonderful education hungry techs.. oh and thanks to Brio School in CT who brought a load of their students down.. way to go Brio!

It was great to see all my friends, great to meet so many new techs from the area and from NJ PA, MD, VA, CT & upstate! Pics have been loaded.. I'm heading to bed!
Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results

Deb~I don't know How, but you manage to out-do yourself Every time!! Thank you for organizing and hosting such a wonderful event! The companies were So Generous, the educators that everyone sent were Great, the goodie bags were incredibly Heavy!!
It was so great to see many dear friends again and get to meet some new ones as well as put faces to some more of the names here on the boards.
Thank you again Deb, You did a Fantastic job!!
Big Grin
Light Elegance Educator
Many Thanks to you DEB! Thanks for such a great Nail Day!!

every thing that has to do with NAILZ
Yes! Thank you so much Deb! I really enjoyed the weekend...enjoyed Sunday evening at your house and yesterday. You really have a knack for making this a worthwhile trip weekend. You are the greatest!
Debbie in VA
I MUST go next year!!! Looks like I missed out on a great event.
Yes thank you Debbie for all your hard work without you this would not happen so BRAVO!!!!!!!
Thanks ladies.. it's funny, every year I say never again, then your comments change my mind.. this year everything went rather smoothly, the sell out early was really a lot of stress off of me.. the day ran smooth, there was so little drama its not even worth the effort.. I never even had the not again thought Smile as a matte of fact I have spoken to 2 girls who will be taking over the Long Island Event when I move, and I've been gathering names for an event in the Roanoke VA area.. and Debbie.. I hope you and Candice and I think it was Kira get something going in Richmond Smile
Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results


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