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i know i asked this last year...pumpkin pedicure?
anyone know where i could find the stuff for a pumpkin pedicure? i cannot seem to find anything anywhere! i was thinking that maybe i would go to bath and body works and buy some of their pumpkin lotion and make my own pedi scrub with sugar and salt and add the lotion to it. and, of course, i would use the lotion for the massage at the end. the only other thing i use in a pedi is the mask but i could just use the regular opi mud mask. the problem is that i went into b&bw yesterday and they only have the pumpkin lotion in the mini bottles! apparently they aren't making them in the regular size bottles this year.....and they had ONE pumpkin left! that will get me nowhere! so much for that idea. anyone know where i could find pumpkin scented pedicure stuff?? thanks in advance=)
*Loving my job since '97*
We bought our pumpkin pedi stuff from a company called Bubalina. It smells so good!! I believe we bought their lotion and scrub. (Got it 2 months ago at the IBS show in Vegas, so I can't remember exactly what we bought.)

Here's the link to their website and the spicy pumpkin products

This site looks fun and has a variety of different scents. I did see a pumpkin pie pedicure kit on here. Not sure how many pedis you can get out of a kit. I'm going to try a kit for the fall.
Martine M.
In my experiences, when you add a lotion to salt or sugar, it causes it to disolve. You need to use an oil like grapeseed oil. To the sugar and grapeseed oil, I add pumpkin pie spice. You only need to add enough oil to your sugar or salts to give it some "slip" so that when you apply, it moves easily on the skin.
Always be get farther.
When the time comes I love it when Hempz lotion releases their Pumpkin Cheese cake scent. It is scrumptious as all get out. Pair it with pumpkin scented paraffin or head 2 toe pumpkin mask. Oh my fall heaven!
You must check out!!!! (Thank you anointdhndz)Their products are maybe a bit pricey but freakin delicious! (never tasted them but they smell good enough to eat)I got a sample of the coconut cream and It will make you feel like you are on a vacation sipping pina coladas.
They are coming out with Pumpkin in the Fall! OMG! I was looking for pumkin also. I was thinking of having seasonal specials. The clients get bored and I need them.

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