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HOLY cow guess what Im doing?
Thanks guys. I wasn't nervous to meet them and talk, and keeping conversation going was easy, same as any other client. BUT I can paint, and I can do portraits so when Jacki picked her first swirl design and I couldn't get it right she was fine getting the candy which was still one of her favorite designs. Weeeeellllll, of course I messed the first few of those up too. Its like, gawd I can paint a face, but not a dang peice of candy. So I blamed her fame, hahaha, even though I was not star struck. I just couldnt get the lines right. Embarrassing. She offered to toot to break the tension. Bwahahahaha. She didn't of course but she was just trying to help. And she didn't say toot, but more more graphic wording. Natalie chose nails I had done before so those were simple for me. Darn candy nails. They should be much easier the next time I do them though.
Natalie was very into my vampire and darker art on my gallery below. Let's see what comes of that, she wants to upload them to a place called vampire candy. Smile
Oh that is so awesome. Love this post. Congrat's and the nails are so cuteSmile
I luv nails.
Nails AND steak. Very cool.

What did you do when the dinner bill came (odd question I know, but I am weird like that)? My first instinct is to treat, but then not, after all, she can afford it - and then there goes the money from the nails.
Big Grin the check came and I intended to pay for myself and my daughter, but she said no and took care of it. Is that bad I never considered to pay for them? haha. Oops.
LOL! No, not bad. That was really nice of her, how super cool. Good thing she didn't offer to break the tension (or the wind) at the dinner table. Big Grin
Yes I am fairly relieved she didn't do that at the table. She was a really, real person and it was like any other fun client. No tension or nervousness. Just me being annoyed with myself that I could not get the art ( candy ) done cleanly and efficiently the first time. Kinda :oops: embarrassing. But it all got done. I say if any of you have a chance to put yourself out there then go for it.
Plus I have all my books signed with a nice personal note, they want to help support my vampire art, and I had fun. What more could I ask for?
sobeit :
Quote:mslcpyt :
>> That's awesome!!! Any good books you can recommend for my kindle besides this
>> author?
> All JR Ward books
> Jacquelyn Frank ( all books )
> Christine feehan (dark series)
> Sherylin Kenyon ( dark hunter series )
> Gena Showlater ( lords of the underworld)
> Charlian Harris ( Skokie stackhouse / true blood )
> Charlie Huston ( Joe pit series non romance but awesome vampire)
> Hope that gets you started, unless you have all those already. Then I have
> no idea LOL.

Thanks alot and no I don't have these! Lol
Quote:mslcpyt :
Thanks alot and no I don't have these! Lol
Your welcome! Happy reading. Big Grin
I think the pics turned out good and your work is great. Wouldn't it be cool if you could do their book covers??

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