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HOLY cow guess what Im doing?
I am a paranormal romance smut aholic and I have some favorite authors. One of them happens to accepted a friend request a year ago. I have been hinting around at doing her nails if she ever comes to town.
I saw on her FB status she was staying at the Stanley and I made a joke about " oh sure, I see how it is, come to CO and dont call me". Well she messaged me that she and her assistant would love to have their nails done. SO I have plans to leave here and head down to Denver, she was attenting the RomCon ( romance convention) and I will be doing 2 fills, some nail art, and then drinks and dinner with this top 10 NYT best seller. I dont want to name drop until its all said and done. I think this is why we should put ourselves out there and make it known we love what we do.

Oh it works locally too. I went to the pharmacy and the tech had black nail polish, so I asked her what brand. Shellac she told me, then talked about it being her first time and how great they were. She looked at my id and said " hey were neighbors".. So I gave her a card with a neighbor discount for her next shellac removal and application. She called yesterday and I went to her home for her manicure. She says she will spread the word. Big Grin we had a really nice time.

OK going to get ready for an exciting day.
what an awesome story!!!! how exciting for you, have fun!!

That is awesome Sobeit!! You will have to let us know who the paranormal person is when you are finished! I love my paranormal romance!! Have fun!!

We use to have paranormal authors come to my old town all the time. I've had many books signed.

So cool for you!!!
That's awesome!!! Any good books you can recommend for my kindle besides this author?
Drinks and dinner with a favorite author, AND you get to do nails too! How exciting for you. Also, would that be the same Stanley hotel that was the backdrop for Stephen King's, The Shinning? That is just a really cool opportunity for you.
OMG Sobeit...Did you read the Fever Series??????? by Karen Marie Moning... everyone i know that read those books including me read them twice.
Way to go! I hope you have a blast!
come on, spill a title then, is it the author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood? OMG, I love that series!

@Cindy3, the Fever series is great, I'm still waiting for the final book to show up in a used book store. Ever since the e-readers came out, the newer books aren't coming in as fast... Sad
I haven't read Karen Marie Moning but I have them waiting for me on my Kindle. Big Grin

Loved J.R. Ward!
How cool is that!!!???
Bella Capelli Salon

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That must be very exciting for you, we can't wait to hear all about it!
Have fun!!!!
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That's really cool!
Very cool indeed!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and hopefully with some photos of the nails you do for them!!
How exciting for you Peggy!! You Rock it girl!! Have a great time and tell us how and what you did!
awesome! keep us posted!
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I had the best time with the one and only Jacquelyn Frank, author of the Night Walker series, and several more. I also was able to work on her very wonderful assistant. Jacki chose peppermint candy swirl art and her assistant Natalie chose pink and black corset nails with skeleton button. My pics are not clear, Sad but I will still upload when I get them off the camera. They both posted them to their facebook. It was a blast. After nails we went out for steak and laughs. If you have not read her books, I suggest them highly. Very very good. Her shadow dwellers are my favorites. They have never been done and boy are they done well. Big Grin
Quote:mslcpyt :
> That's awesome!!! Any good books you can recommend for my kindle besides this
> author?
All JR Ward books
Jacquelyn Frank ( all books )
Christine feehan (dark series)
Sherylin Kenyon ( dark hunter series )
Gena Showlater ( lords of the underworld)
Charlian Harris ( Skokie stackhouse / true blood )
Charlie Huston ( Joe pit series non romance but awesome vampire)
Hope that gets you started, unless you have all those already. Then I have no idea LOL.
Wow! that is great news Sobeit, congrats to you.

I totally agree with this is why we should tell anybody and everybody that will listen :lol: that we do nails and we do nails well Big Grin you never know where this one encounter could lead, word of mouth advertising is the BEST type there is.

I hope this leads you to many great things with many great people.

Can't wait to see some pics.
thanks for the list of authors.....I'll add them to my read list
My photos came out terrible. I don't even have any of the 4 of us together doing these, or at dinner. sigh... Oh well, these here are from Jacquelyn and Natalie's iphones. Best I can do sad to say.

These are Natalie's pink and black corsets with skull button holes.
done with my private jet and zoya pink
[Image: nataliescorsets-1.jpg]

These are Jacquelyn's candy star-bright mints.
using pink and red acrylic paint over Polish pro Blanca.
[Image: Jackiscandy-1.jpg]
Those are awesome!!!! They must have been so jazzed over there nails!.Way to go!
Were you nervous? You are very talented.
You are so good! I'm glad you had a great time!

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