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how to use parafin on feet without dipping into warmer
I want to offer parafin for the feet. Does anyone have a solution for applying the parafin without them placing their foot into the unit?
WHat brand and scent do you recommend that men and women like and whre do you order it from? Do you place heated or terry cloth booties over the plastic bag? How much do I need to order? It comes as a one pound, 2 pound and 6 pound
Thanks so much!
When I offer the Parrafin I first lotion the feet and then I put the Paffarin in the parrafin bag and put the foot in the bag working the parrafin around the foot. The scent that I loke best is lavendar.
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I do the same as GetNailed, and I like to use Peach. I wish I could pour the paraffin in the bag after the foot is in, but the par. is too hot for that. Or at least some say it is. I'd love to find an easier way to do this. Right now, I'm using a ladle to dip out the par., and I feel like I'm wasting too much. I tried dipping the strips, too messy for me.
Getnailed- what brand do you use and where do you purchase it from? I saw some on premiernailsource but i also saw some from Amber and it is supposed to be medical and food grade so that no bacteria forms. Not sure how necessary that is especially if I am not placing feet directly in the unit. Ok, you pour the paraffin into a bag? What do you use to get it into a bag? Sorry if it sounds ridiculous. I once used a styrofoam cup to pour and it melted. I like the ladle idea except it is wasteful unless you can scrape it and put back into heater. Boy oh Boy! Not easy trying to earn an extra buck or two. Thanks for the responses so far.

Donna- what brand and where do you buy yours
Thanks so much!
I just don't understand what the problem is with having them put their feet in the paraffin bath if you have used a solution in the pedicure water to kill bacteria, etc. prior to using the paraffin. I use a solution that is designed for whirlpool spa's (which is what a pedi whirlpool tub is) that kills a large majority of bacteria, etc., therefore their feet are clean. And as most have said and agreed on here majority of people's feet are cleaner than their hands.

I've never had an issue with anyone getting anything from the paraffin bath since I've been using one for the last 11 years.

The paraffin I use is from Pinnacle, they have several different scents. You can find them on the industry source website. They come in boxes of 6 lbs. If you order over a certain amount of product you get free shiping.
I don't dip the feet because I don't want to move the bin. And I agree the hands are dirtier than the feet, but most clients view feet as the dirty ones and don't want their feet in the same dip. So I use a ladel and pour one ladle full into each bag and smoosh it around the foot.
I buy mine at Peels, and I can't remember the brand, I know it's in a bag and not in a plastic box. I also buy seasonal scents.
Idonls- Thank you for your respose. It gave me a reason to check out some sites to see how safe it is.
Here is what I found on one site.
Are paraffin treatments sanitary? Yes, paraffin treatments are proven safe and sanitary when performed according to manufacturer’s suggested guidelines. No documented instances of cross-contamination due to communal use of paraffin baths have been reported. Therabath paraffin is maintained at 130 degrees F and contains no water, so it is a very hostile environment for pathogens to survive. And when you dip, an instant barrier is formed between the skin and paraffin, so what is on your skin (including germs, dirt, etc) stays on your skin. The results of several lab studies supporting these statements are available on our Therabath Hygiene Page.
Peggy - I use a separate bath for feet. And I use a plant coaster, the kind that rolls around, to put the bath on. This makes it really easy to move the bath around w/o getting wax all over.

Sillysoup - They say the paraffin wraps around the item dipped so quickly that there is no cross contamination. Thank you for sharing what you found.
I do the same thing as Idonls - I have 2 separate tanks, one for hands and one for feet. Have been doing it that way for 10 years and no problems yet.

The only "problem" (if you can call it that) I've had is finding an unscented paraffin. I have 4 different scents of lotion that I use and trying to find a scented lotion to go with all 4 was very challenging. So I started using an unscented one that doesn't compete with the smell of the lotions, which is great!

I did try the whole paraffin in the bag thing, but I always ended up skooshing some out the back of the bag when I was trying to smoosh it around the feet and ended up always making a mess.
I use a little bowl that our hairdresser use for color and I just leave it in the parrafin container that way no waste and I don't have to clean it up each time. I think the way the public see feet is why I started doing it in the bag and it's more portable that moving the tub from place to place
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getnailed- is the bowl rubber? I just saw in the Amber catalog a rubber bowl and a brush that is used to apply paraffin.
Thanks again!
sillysoup, I use different brands, depends on where I'm at when I need to buy some. I use mainly peach scented tho. I can't stand the lavender scent, tho unscented is sounding pretty good.
I didnt feel I wasted any paraffin using a ladle but I can see how it seems like a lot. I dont know how many dips your clients do, but where I was before they wanted 3 dips for the client. When you pull off that amount its more than a ladle. I also had a small one and used perm bags you get on a roll so they are big enough for the feet and easy to pour into.
My favorite scent is pumpkin in the fall, and vanilla, anything new they come out with seasonally. I dream of Fall all year LOL.
My facialist does my feet and hands by dipping VIVA paper towels into the wax then wrapping the feet/hands with it, then plastic bag, then heated gloves/footie socks.
I just picked up storage bags in the food market. They come with twist ties. They are purrfect. I think they cost $2.34 for 75 of them. I also put them on over a foot mask. Once my boss digs in the basement to find the unit I will order some peach scented paraffin.
My Mother is in love with Viva paper toewls! SHe uses them as her tissues, napkins and dust rags. So why not use them for paraffin treatments. I think I will use a ladel.
Thanks for all the great advice so far.
Here is what i do and it works wonders! Use the tiny little 2 gal trash bags. I bough pink cause they are cute, you can find them at dollar store for $1. Rub a thick coat of lotion on the foot and shake the bag open. Pour in about 1-2 oz of parafin depending on foot size. Kind of close the bag up but leave air in it like a baloon and twist the top so it doesnt spill. Shake the parafin in the bag so that it coats the plastic 360. And it also cools the parafin somewhat. Once you shake it open it back up and slip the foot in wrapping it up snug aound the ankle and massage until the remaining liquid coats the foot. To remove just loosen and slide off like normal and toss bag in trash. Very clean and easy to do but might take so practice not to dump the parafin out around the back of the ankle.
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I do the same thing as getnailed.

Personally, I will NOT put my hands or feet into anything that others also put their hands and feet in. So, I will not ask my clients to do that. It's a personal decision.
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I use a little bowl that our hairdresser use for color and I just leave it in the parrafin container that way no waste and I don't have to clean it up each time.

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