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Who uses LED lights?
What kind of LED lights do you who use them use and do they make a big difference??????
I use Harmony's LED light. Now I just read Peg's reply to your other post and she's right that a UV light will cure all, so if you don't mind the cure time stick with one light.

However; I prefer the LED light because of the quick cure times. I can put polish on nicely and quickly so the 30 second cure is great for me. I use UV lights for gel polish on toes and the wait for the light to go out just about drives me crazy, as I'm not the most patient person! Big Grin I don't use the LED on toes because I've found that there isn't enough foot room in the smaller lamps.

I have cured Gelish, Young Nails mani q gel polish, and another brand in the LED and have had NO problems at all.
Does anyone know the difference between the Harmony 6G and 9G?
I am having trouble with my 6g LED. While I do like the quickness of it, I was having a problem with it curing. I haven't called Hand and Nail Harmony yet to troubleshoot with them. Last week I had 3 gel manis back to back, the first client came out for her last cure and when I wiped off the dispersion layer, from the cuticle to the middle of the nail the gel came off but the rest was on. The other nails seemed kind of tacky, so I had to fix them all, but this time I used my UV lamp. Everything turned out fine. I used the UV lamp for all of the other services.

The difference between Hand and Nail Harmony 6g and 9g is the amount of bulbs each of them have, smaller on has 6 larger one has 9. When Danny Haile was on nailtalkradio, he said they are coming out with another one that has more bulbs, but I can't remember how its going to hold.
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I use an led and love it no waiting for light to go out..... I had one of the harmony lamps and was not impressed, it didn't have enough room for whole hand so occasionally I would find a finger had not cured, I use the skyled2 and it's perfect, plus it's about the same price as the harmony one.... Opi has one coming out soon to go with their new gel polish.... Axxium is so far the only product I've come across that won't cure in my skyled, I have Lcn cnd gelish and some yn that I've tried in it.
NailsbyNicole2- WHo makes the skyled? I was trying ot check it out.
LCN makes it you can call them to order it's 499$ for skyLED2... It has 21 lights a removable bottom for using on feet and it fits all 5 fingers and has 3 side bulbs to perfectly cure the thumb even when the clients have it sideways.... I love mine I will email you a pic if you send me your email.
Thanks Nicole. Its funny because I just spoke to them today and she told me about the light. As soon as I heard the price I said I will wait. I don't think my boss is willing to spend that much right now. You are soooo lucky.
LCN makes it you can call them to order it's 499$ for skyLED2... It has 21 lights a removable bottom for using on feet and it fits all 5 fingers and has 3 side bulbs to perfectly cure the thumb even when the clients have it sideways.... I love mine I will email you a pic if you send me your email.
Well before you decide think of this and tell your boss:
Bulbs will never really need to be replaced and uv bulbs cost 25-80$ every 3-6 months and
it's a 60second cure half the time so think of adding 1-2 more clients in a day with no extra time
And gel polish takes same amount of time as reg mani so huge increase in income to make up for the added cost of a led lamp. It's a good investment... Most led lights are close to that price and not all will fit the clients whole hand.
I bought mine it's not the salons so I understand that it's an investment but it's best thing I ever got. I don't mean to be pushy but it's AMAZING!!! Good luck
Star nail has have an led/uv light with all the bangs and whistles and the demo able tray for feet available NOW for only $250.00. Elaine Watson designed this lamp to cure all manufacturers products! Check the website
So are there differences in wattage in LED lights like there is in UV lights?

fluorescent led bulbs
led ceiling lights
led strip lighting
@NoahDicola - remember that wattage is a measure of electrical power consumed, and not the amount of UVA light produced. Many things affect the amount of light produced, including type of emitting device (different bulbs and LED's generate different amounts of light), distance from light source to nails, quality of reflectors (UV bulb lamps only).

LED lamps differ because a) they generate light over a narrow range, this means you must match the LED UV lamp to the gels used, b) light is much more focused so reflectors have less impact.

While I understand many techs do not use UV or LED UV lamps from the manufacturer of the gel they use, please bear in mind that you are then playing with the overall product chemistry. What may appear cured, may well not be - or the product could be over-cured.

Iryna Giblett Nail Products Inc., Sweden
I am not 100% sure of the terminology and will be doing some studying and researching this week, but the short answer is yes. Each brand of LED curable gels (polish, soft, soakable or hard) are formulated to cure PROPERLY under a specific wavelength (that may not be the 100% correct term).

Lorraine, webgirl
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