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Newbie Here
Hi my name is Annie ... I am a licensed Nail Tech but currently am not working in the Beauty Industry. Currently soul searching to get back into the Beauty Industry and currently work at Merry Maids as a trainer. My current job does not offer a very bright future so I have decided how to go about reaching my dreams. But right now am still at the making decision level. I am 34 years old and want to reach my dreams before I get much older. Can anyone offer some advice for me out in the Beauty Industry World? Much appreciated.
I would like to go back to The Toledo Beauty Academy and finish Cosmetology ... would also like to go through the whole program because I haven't done any ones nails outside my home since I graduated and would feel so much better if I had a refresher ... so I can do it right this time after graduation.
A little more about myself .... I am newly single ... recovering from a broken heart still ... no children ... but a very special cat who has been with me since she was only a couple days old and is now 16 years old.
I look forward to getting some help with my soul searching career decision making ... thanks again.

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