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frustrated and need advice
I work a full time job other than nails. I rent a station 3 days a week, even though 2 of those days I get there in the evening. It is mine on those days. This other girl rented the other 3 days, and although she has been reminded numerous times what her days are, she is showing up during the day when I am not there. I am absolutely livid! I have left a message for the owner.

The owner had previously told me it was my call whether I wanted her to use it when I was not there. If I would have had the money and the clientele, I would have rented the whole week. That is my plan down the road, but I am starting to stress over this. The story is longer -- she obviously has no respect for me even though she groveled to me in a note and I nicely wrote back - no harm, no foul - but I am not interested in having you use or rent my station when I am not there. I am about to take a day off and surprise the the ^%^@%%! Ugh!!!!

Other than tell her to go to THAT shop next door......any suggestions? I originally considered renting it to her, but after seeing they way she does business, absolutely not.

Thanks for listening.

I'm personally very territorial by nature and would never want anyone touching my stuff, borrowing my stuff, or using my workspace at all, friend or not. Sure, I'm fresh out of school truth be told, but I can't tell you how many times I had to hunt down my classmates to get some nippers back in the beginning...(until I toughened up) and even worse, how many bottles of polish got crunked up/"disappeared" all due to being nice and letting folks touch my stuff...yeah, that taught me real quick. Could you imagine what would happen if she broke something at your station? I could only imagine..Sad

I'd say tell the Owner you don't want her using your station at all and she needs to rent her own table, or she needs to "go next door", and if it doesn't resolve itself, maybe you could go next door yourself to rent a station; your happiness absolutely comes first in this Industry, you work hard enough as it is.

Good luck, let us know how it goes. <3
How does that sharing thing actually work for you? Do you have your own stuff locked up somewhere, or is it easy for the other nail tech to access your stuff? Is she using your supplies? Just wondering; I would be absolutely livid if someone were coming and using my space on the days I had rented out. Those are MY days, I'm paying for them. And frankly, your salon owner should be more vigilant too, since this chick is using the space for more days than she's paying for. Very unprofessional and extremely NOT okay!
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
Just curious because you didn't say in your post, is she using your stuff? If not I'm not sure what the issue may be. If you aren't there to use the station what is the harm of her coming in to use it? If she's not paying to use the space for that day I can see you getting upset but otherwise I think the space can be used for whoever is there. You rent it, but you don't own it.
Don't get me wrong, I'm territorial too, but I'm not seeing the issue here. I think the whole thing should be discussed in a meeting with you, the other girl, and the shop owner.
She is not using my stuff, just using my days. She showed up the first night to put her stuff away while I was there. I am new so wasn't busy, but wasn't happy either. She told me she had clients in the morning and I told her those weren't her days. She said but I need it those days...duh, you should have gone somewhere else then. I said she could you use that day but that was the only day and she needed to be gone when I got there. Well, I got there and she still had a client. I couldn't get in for about another half hour. I was PISSED. I didn't say a word because there were clients in the salon, including hers. I walked out and I called the owner and told her what was going on. She re-explained to her "her" days. We have both signed contracts for our respective days, so I will not hesitate to go that route. She came from one of "those" shops that was closing down and needed a place to go.

She then wrote me a note apologizing, blah blah, telling me she would pay me to use it those days, etc. I responded very nicely and just explained that I took those days because I was growing my business and had days off from time to time and wanted it available for my use. And then even though I said no, she showed up during the day and used the station. I only found out because someone mentioned in passing that she was in and I turned and said "WHAT!!!" I am not sure the owner was in during that day because we had something going on in the evening. How nervey and unprofessional Just because she has clientele. She told me in the letter that she had looked at the station months ago before me. Well, I guess you should have rented it then, ya think?

If I didn't leave her a nastygram on Saturday for Monday, I would take next week off and show up during the day.

This was supposed to be a new and exciting venture for me to have "my own place" and now I have to deal with this crap. I wish I had the money and clients to have just rented the whole week.

If she is working during the time your renting and paying to work there, you need your money back. A refund for every hour she is there occupying your rented space. It doesn't matter if your busy during that time or not. You paid for it and therefore it is to be available for you to use. In whatever way you see fit. If she needs more time or days she should find space that meets her needs. If your contracted for specific days, hold her to it, or hold the land lord to it. You can also look around for another place that will meet what you need. As much as that sucks.
That's what I was thinking. It is so against my nature to be unreasonable with anyone. Anyone that knows me will tell you that, but once you screw me over, that's it! I can't wait to see the outcome. I am so ticked.
Your time is money, and she is wasting your money occupying space already paid for by you. If she is in your seat, then you cannot take a walk in, practice nails, offer complimentary try me services, bring in a family member to work on, or book a client last minute. That takes away your income as well as money already spent. I would not tolerate it for one second.
Seriously how are you supposed to build a clientele if you have to wait for your table during your open hours. " Oh sorry new walk in, I am open, but you see, I have no place to work on you. Would you like to stand here and wait until so and so is done using my space and time?, No you say, OK Im sorry, try back again" And out walks the client, and your pay check.
Ok, half of this isn't making sense. I understand about her being there on her off day & using the 1 table (I'm assuming there is 1 table yall are sharing) but how does it affect you that she is there on her off day but it's a time of day you aren't there (the reason why you found out she was there from somebody else)??
I work a full-time job in a different profession. I am trying to build my clientele so I can do nails full-time and eventually not work the other job. I rented 3 full days so I would have a station available when I was not working my other job. Since this person chooses not to respect my days, I will not allow her to be there on my days, whether I am there or not.

I let her use it on her first day because she told me she already had clients booked in the morning, even though she never cleared it with me. I came in at 3:45 and she was still there with another cient and didn't leave until 4:15. I had a 4:00 I had to move. So, since she is obviously not considerate, I will not let her "rent, use or whatever" the station on my days.
Quote:cnote :
> Ok, half of this isn't making sense. I understand about her being there on
> her off day & using the 1 table (I'm assuming there is 1 table yall are
> sharing) but how does it affect you that she is there on her off day but it's
> a time of day you aren't there (the reason why you found out she was there
> from somebody else)??
I believe from the
Is whole thread that the second renter is showing up when the space is already paid for to be available for the first renter. If the second renter just shows up when she wants, it will affect the first renters business. Renter one pays for the spot for set days. It doesn't matter if she actually shows up that day, or hours later than normal or whatever. The spot is hers do use as she sees fit. Renter 2 is not paying for that time so renter 2 needs to not be using the space, paid for by renter 1. No matter what. If renter 1 keeps giving in, renter 2 continues to take advantage and as you can see runs into time Renter on needs for her own clients.
OMG! I would be SO peeved off about this too.

No way has she got any right to be doing what she is doing and you need to put a stop to it NOW.
Can you call a meeting with yourself, the other renter and the owner and sit down and put this all out on the table and make sure the other renter understand it all fully.
I don't know if it's legal or not, but can you get something in writing/signed from her after this meeting to say she understand she is not to use your space/table if it is not her days.
What a cheek!! If she wants more days, then she will have to go elsewhere and it doesn't make any difference if she looked at it all before you, so what! You have paid for your days, full stop, end of story, you are entitled to have access to your table for the ENTIRE time on YOUR days IF you want to, if you don't, that's YOUR choice to make NOT hers.
Grrrrr the nerve of some people.

Let us know how things turn out but remember, you are within your rights to fight for what you have paid for.
I agree with Sobeit, this other renter owes you money for working at your table on time that is paid for by you not her. She trying to have her cake and eat it to I think.

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