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Hi everyone! I have just accepted a position with a spa who is using LCN for their gel services. I have done a bunch of research on gels, but this is a company that I am not familar with. I have been told that this is a European based company and a leader in the industry.

Is there anyone out there that could shed some light on LCN for me? I would like to learn more about the company and the gel products...

Thank you!

I learned on LCN, have not used other gels. Clients seem to like it; you can get a really natural look and it holds up well. Some clients ask for it specifically because they like it so much.

It was pretty difficult for me to learn the system - seemed like there were so many different products to remember and getting the application right seemed tricky- but I was super new at nails when I first started using it and maybe I would have had trouble with any gel. I like it now.
Been using it since 1997 & love it..I also have taken classes thru them
As with any new product there is always learning curve but this is what has been working for me for my clients.
My clients are also very loyal to this product & IMO it is one of the best.
holds up well & is very the white tips.
Closest gel I found comparable is LE (light Elegance) but I still prefer LCN over it.

Yes, there are quite a few different products...below I primarily use these products for my full sets with tips, forms or overlays
"Base Coat", "Sculpture Formatur clear","FM white" & "Clear or Pink Sealant"

for fills I use "One Component Resin" If I have a client prone to lifting or has odd shaped, problematic nails I will just fill with the "Sculpture Formatur" again.
"One Component" u don't need anything but that is a one step. This can also be used for overlays..but I still like to add sealant b/c it cures so super shiny!

One Component Resin is a self leveling gel & Sculpture is a builder it does not self level & needs "Basecoat" or "Bonder"

They also file very well..the Sculpture especially
I am sure u will love working with LCN
one tip with Base coat u need scrub it onto the nail & don't apply thick
I just prefer this product as a base over the regular Bonder..
I like to use a short bristle brush instead of the fuller longer brush

there is the website..there are videos there too.
Again this is what works for me..this might not be for everyone but I have had much success with working with just these products
good luck & hope this helps
Thank you for all of the information! I am looking forward to working with this system.
Your welcome..glad to help & hope u can make this wonderful product work for you & your clients.

LCN also has a FB page where u can ask questions on their wall.
I have always been answered quickly

LCN is also LED light compatible..I think it is a 1 min cure
they have a new Skylamp looks awesome!
I want I want but I already invested in my Harmony light
I love this feedback. I'm really a fan of LE but have been wondering whether or not to "step up" to Calgel or Brisa, or just kind mosey around and see if there's something else out there that is just as good as LE, but maybe a "cut above". You've really intrigued me and I'll definitely have to try a intro kit now.

N/P guys..I love when u guys can help me out so I will always try & give out advice where I am comfortable

I am posting a pic I did today. This is before I polished.
I have Tammy Taylor Miracle mani on all the rest. My pointer is a Sculpted LCN nail
I broke my pointer pretty low so I had to sculpt it out..I am trying to grow them all out a bit longer & did not want to cut them all.
I wear my nails pretty short so this is nothing special or amazing as is what is usually posted on this glam on my silly pic
I just want to show you how natural u can blend LCN gel for clients who want to wear their nails super natural & or if they break one but don't want to lose the others.
My clients are always amazed how they can barley tell which is the extension or repair..LOL

I used LCN
Base Coat
Sculpture Formature Naturalle (super light white Sculpture does not self level)
Sculpture Clear (no self level)
Top Coat (self levels & shines)

Sculpture Formature Naturalle came in my starter kit & I break it out every now & is actually awesome for covering up bruises or any discolor..I just use a small amount & play with it until I get what I need covered up. I know now they have other colors which are flesh tone for covering up too.. this is just what I have on hand..
Oh & my LED Harmony Light causes a pretty good heat spike when using the thicker Sculpture. So U can either time it so your clients hand comes out after 10-20 seconds & then gradually go back in..or u can just apply thinner & more coats..
I personally like to use the thicker one coat if I can..I just warn my clients of the heat spike.. I mean unless my client is a big baby like me..LOL

[Image: LCN-3.jpg]
Erin~I would love to chat with you about LE, especially if you are having any issues. Smile Just click on my email button below.
Light Elegance Educator

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