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Help with SOG - sorry kinda long!
I've been using Gelish for about a year now and have had relatively little problems with it. My clients love it, it stays on and doesn't chip, I've even had 2 clients go on vacation and didn't get back to the salon for 5 weeks and it was amazing! No chipping whatsoever, only regrowth.

4 weeks ago one of my regular clients came in to have Gelish done before going on vacation and came back 2 weeks later. She had quite a bit of chipping, but we thought perhaps it was because she had been in the ocean every day for 2 weeks. So, I removed the Gelish and reapplied a new color. She came back in today and every single nail was chipped on the free edge and quite a bit.

She is a stay at home mom and spends some time on the computer each day, but compared to the many clients I have who work full time and use the computer all day, she spends minimal time typing.

I can't figure out why she has so much chipping when none of my other clients do. I did ask her if she was using solar oil every day (I preach and preach to them the importance of using it) and she said she hadn't been.

So today when I re-did her Gelish, I used Linkage on one of her hands to see if perhaps that would make a difference. I also paid extra special attention when doing my prep. I'm not sure what else I could have done to make sure she doesn't have any chipping. I hate it when I'm telling my clients how they can go 2 weeks with no chipping and then I have this client come in who has so much chipping after little more than a week (whjch is when she said it started chipping).

I know that not every product will work the same on every single person, but she doesn't seem to have nails that are much different than the rest of my clients. We keep them fairly short (just to the end of her fingertips). The only other thing I can think of is to do a gel overlay before doing the Gelish.

I would appreciate any advice since I have no idea what's going on with her nails. Thanks so much!!
I found that a few of my clients that had chipping using SOG (Gelish) were NOT using any cuticle oil. Of course, they originally lied and told me they were ... but then they got frustrated enough to "fess up" and admit to no use. Once they started maintaining them like I asked them to, they had no more problems.

The exact opposite holds true also though ... I had a client whose SOG's were lifting and peeling. Came to find out, she was using cuticle oil 5 - 6 times per day. She assumed that if once was good, then 6 times had to be better! (and in general, she's has oily skin and hair to begin with) She went to following directions and only using at night and has had no problems ever since!

(Also, if the nails get too long for the client, they could be "bending" and then cracking the sog at the free edge. Which then leads to a cracked seal and chipping and peeling)

Good luck!
Thanks Dwonnalee for the reply. I just did her gels on Thursday and she called today and said she had 3 nails that chipped the next day. This is so frustrating!!!

I even tried capping the free edge, which I normally don't do, but apparently that didn't help either.

Anyone else have any idea why she has so much chipping? And the next day - ugh!!

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