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Help w/ Nailpro Article About Health Insurance!
Hi all!

I'm working on an article for Nailpro magazine about health insurance for beauty industry professionals.

I wanted to get feedback from some of you on the following questions:

1. If you have health insurance, does your salon provide it for you or do you pay for it completely out of pocket?

2. If you don't have health insurance, why not? For many, it's because of financial reasons (& that workplace doesn't provide). If that's you, do you have any plans to get health insurance in the future?

3. Any opinions/feedback/statements about health insurance for nail techs and other beauty professionals you want to share?

If you can answer any of these questions for me, please email me at grapevine86 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net, and be sure to include your full name, salon name, and city/state. I can't guarantee I'll use all of the feedback I get, but I do what I can to fit as much as I can into my articles!

Thanks in advance!

Melisa Wells
Hey all~
I just got a couple of responses to my original post and as my deadline is approaching, I thought I'd lift this back up to the top of the list and see if anyone else can help...


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