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Young Nails webinars
They are offering a webinar on Aug. 15th for e-file backfills
and Sept. 12th in Using your Imagination.

I'm very interested in taking them and wonder if anyone has any
feedback on the webinars (ie: did they proceed at a slow enough
pace to follow along with, was it worth the $50 for each class, is it
that much better in person)?

Thanks for your input~ Big Grin
~Certified Master Pedicurist~
~Advanced Nail Technician~
i saw this too and am wondering the same thing...hope someone here has an answer.
I've taken the YN Synergy Gel Webinar, and I liked it alot. It's interactive, so you can ask questions. I think it was their first one, so I'm sure they've worked out the camera angles, etc.

If my schedule stays open I'll probably check out Backfills for Thrills. I always learn new things from their classes!
Thanks, Jesse~
Good to know it's interactive. That'll help with the Backfills class.

Use your Imagination is something I'm really looking forward to in Sept.
~Certified Master Pedicurist~
~Advanced Nail Technician~

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