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website building
I have been thinking of building a website for myself for and for a friend of mine(not in the nail business) does anyone know a good FREE website builder program
It's not free but I've used Yahoo small business services. They have a good variety of templates or you can build your own. Works out to be just over $10 a month. Not bad really, the equivalent of a couple Starbuck's a month Smile
I have been using freewebs for a few years now. I love the templates the ease of adding information, NO HTML needed. I really love the widgets so I can add applications to my page. I have a mobile version for clients smart phones. (yup, free!) There is a widget for online booking. Email blasts, facebook links and like buttons so you can connect your site to facebook if you like. They also publish the site so your able to pop up in popular search engines like google, yahoo and others. You can upload pictures, add or remove pages. Rename them, add a blog, have a store to sell retail or gift cards right from your page. ALL FREE! You can upgrade of course to get www. your name. com instead of www. yourname .webs. com. Like i said I have been there for a few years, under the free site. I have my art gallery and craft gallery there as well as my nail menu, blogs, photos and the location widget to give that awesome map to new clients. I get calls all the time from new clients who found my page via google. Plus you can link it to yelp or another review site for great feedback. As you can see I highly recommend it. I do NOT work for or with them nor do I get anything for referring you. The link below is direct to the site and I think you will love the free site and also the paid hosting if you chose. I don't find it neceassary. Big Grin
thanx ladiez
wix is good, also vendio if you have an online store.
By the way Peggy Let me say your a a very talented artist! You do amazing work!
Thank you very much Julie!

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