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a little fun with Glow in the dark.
Figured I'd share my set of acrylic overlay in TEN's glow in the dark blue. I'm so in love with the stuff. Big Grin
[Image: acrylicoverlayme.jpg]

These are clear acrylic with a little art as you can see topped with CND Brisa Glossy.
very cool!
Love it!
I was gonna ask you what you used to get those nails. Smile

Do they have this for gel?
The glow in the dark is a pigment powder so you can mix it with gel or acrylic. I just chose to mix it wit clear acrylic. The glow in the dark blue & white are a little off white. So, they look more like a natural free edge in the light.
That's part of why I like it so much. You'd never guess they glow until you see them in the dark. Big Grin Then watch out!! They glow bright and for a very long time.
I'm going to have to get some. That is just so cool!
That is the coolest thing ever. My coworker would be all over that!
can you please tell me where to get that pigment......... Pretty please. I have a cleint that is is going to Rock A Chola in CA and we want to do 3-D Spiders and in the glow in the dark. PLease PLease

Volcano Digital Vaporizer
Never mind babe............. I found it. Hope you all have a good week.

Mamahog :lol:
The Glow in the Dark can be found at:
Love the nails!!! What is your ratio for the glow in the dark?
Nice, I want to try it myself too for Day of the Dead here in Hollywood. It would really look nice. Smile
I had to buy some. I love glow in the dark stuff. Big Grin
yeah, me too. Smile
i love the glow in the dark pigments! they have all kinds of colors! you have to hide your nails at night or they'll keep you awake lol!!
CND Master
young nails
light elegance
Thats awesome! Great. Something else i need! : )
LOL yeah they do glow for a long time after dark. Scared myself the 1st night I had them. Big Grin

For the mixture. I use 2 parts clear acrylic 1 part glow in the dark blue. Same with white.

But I'm sad to say I haven't been able to get the glow in the dark purple to glow very well. When I used the purple & acrylic mixture then a sog top coat the purple did glow for a short time. But then nothing. Sad It was so pretty just out of the UV light.. I wish I could get it to glow like the blue & white does...
Cindee :
> i love the glow in the dark pigments! they have all kinds of colors! you have
> to hide your nails at night or they'll keep you awake lol!!


I received mine in the mail today!! My husband opened it and said what is this. I said more nail stuff, hand it over buddy!

Now for some fun!

Moon, I want to see pic's when you're done. Smile

I really need to buy a couple other colors also. But the blue is my fav! then again blue has always been my fav color. tee hee. :lol:
I ended up buying a yellow, aqua and nighttime (which looks like a very light yellow in the container)

I will probably get around to playing with them next week. I have been so busy this week and my house looks like a tornado came through it. Time to clean so I can spend the weekend with my family. School shopping will be this weekend. LOL! My kids are actually excited.
just so everyone knows, the dayglo colors will glow at night also also glow at night. The pink is especially bright.... 8)
The site does not have much information on the glow powders... in fact, it has no information... or am I missing a link to something?
what is the amount sold, what is the "day" color?
a picture of the day color and the glow color would be really helpful
is there more info somewhere else?
I'm interested but there is not enough info to decide
Wait, so I know this is an old thread that has been revived, but with the powders from Ready, Set, Glo... Can you mix them in gel and acrylic? Back when I was working before I had some glow in the dark acrylic, but it was just an off white during the day and glowed green in the dark.

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