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X-Tame LCN
Anyone use this?
I am assuming this is their version of gel polish?
But it seems as u don't use 100% Acetone for removal?

I am a huge fan & long time user of their gel products..
I just don't want to invest in yet ANOTHER gel polish product if it does not work out or is what I expect.
gosh...I am a true nail product junkie..I can't get enough!!
We use LCN gels which I like, and their colored gels, which I really don't like. I hope this new product is a little more easy to put on and remove.

Maybe it's just user error, but it seems to be tricky to apply; wants to slide all over the nail and off the free edge before you even get it into the lamp...and then you have to file it off, which is unappealing to a lot of clients.

I've tried and like Shellac but my boss is against getting it for whatever reason so this X-Tame (weird name though) would be nice to have if it's good.
I had X-Tame applied on one fingernail at the Premier show, and was not impressed. It looked hard to apply and the shrinking was all around-sidewalls, cuticle & free edge- and this is just one finger app. Couldn't imagine finishing the whole hand with it. As the rep explained to me at the premier, it is truely light cured polish and not gel which makes it easy for the client to remove at home without acetone. Also she said it only lasts up to 8 days. Hope this helps.[/img]
thanks ladies Smile
I might just buy one bottle to try it :lol:

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