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How are you doing shellac on toes
Ive had to sit on the floor doing these and its killing my back. Thought about buying a pedicure cart, but I will pay and everyone else will just want to use it(tired of everyone using my stuff). I used to sit the uv light in the pedi bowl but these chair it wont work. Any suggestions
A little confused. Here is what I do. I balance the lamp on my leg and on the small little foot rest.As the one foot is cooking under the lamp I work on the other foot.It is not the easiest but I have learned to make do or I wouldn't be able to offer this service.
What kind of chair are the clients sitting in?
They are sitting in regular client chairs. I guess I could just look for a higher step stool, that may help
I use a board across my pedicure throne chair basin and set the light on it

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