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Seeking best/worst client stories
Hi all,

I'm looking for your best or worst client stories for publication in our NAILPRO Essentials issue. These can be about appointments or just the clients in general. These are going to be published anonymously, so feel free to spill the juicy details! I'd love to publish your city and state, so please include it when you send me your stories. (If your city's so small that it would be incriminating, we'll find a way to work around that.) Feel free to comment to the thread or send me an email: smills[at]creativeage[dot]com.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to the stories!

Stephanie Mills
Working in the 2nd oldest town in the state has its perks. The ladies here still believe in Southern Belles and hospitality. One of my ladies always included me in her church functions even though I couldn't be there. One Saturday, they were having a Ladies' Tea. She walked into the salon with a beautiful tea tray complete with crystal stemware and a china tea cup, finger sandwiches, cheesecake squares, and her famous spreads and homemade bread. Needless to say, I felt very special. Thanks JoAnn.
Always be get farther.
Had a client that always picked at her nails so she was never a favorite anyway....

One afternoon in the summer I was wearing a pink blouse with white pin stripes with navy slacks. She said to me that "she hated my blouse". "It was ugly and reminded her of Christmas peppermints that are red and white". AND THEN asked if I would go borrow a hair salon cape to cover up! I said NO and ignored her. SHE KEPT at it! She then said that the stripes were making her sick. I said "TOO BAD" and finished her nails.

She called the next day to make a change to her standing schedule and asked if I would kindly not wear that blouse again, because she is still thinking about how ugly it was. Thankfully, she moved out of the area within a few months.

Funny ending: After about a year, she called and wanted back on my schedule. I politely said that I was full. Later she told her friend (another client of mine who I still do her nails 12 years later) that she thought I wouldn't take her back because I got my feelings hurt over "some ugly blouse".

I tell this story alot... so if you've heard it already... sorry. Big Grin
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design

hahaha that's funny...somehow I would've managed to wear that shirt at every appt just for her.
Gr8Nailz :

> She called the next day to make a change to her standing schedule and asked
> if I would kindly not wear that blouse again, because she is still thinking
> about how ugly it was.


Well, my worst is not nail related, but just to join in the fun, I have had several clients silently fart during bikini waxes. I sometimes think it is on purpose because it is usually when my head is closer than normal (checking for hairs I missed or checking for direction of hair growth), and I am only closer to down there for a second or two, so the window of opportunity is small.

Then there are times when I have filed under the nail to remove a stain, only to smell poop.

I once had a client go to the bathroom to scrub her nails and she came back with a pube or otherwise curly and course hair stuck between her acrylic and natural nail (she had some lifting on that nail).

I once sent another client to the bathroom to scrub before we polished and she came back with brown stuff under all five nails on one hand. She took a nail from her other hand to scoop it out, smelled it, said "chocolate", then wiped it on her pants. I know she wasn't scooping up chocolate in the bathroom!

I had another client smudge her pinky finger. I went to fix it and saw a green booger under it. No great mystery of how she smudged that one, when my back was turned.

My best story is a client who I believe visited me after she passed away. She was a client of mine who was suddenly in hospice. I don't know what she had but when I went to see her she was very yellow. I was honored that she wanted me to come and do her nails for her, but I did not imagine how hard it would be. I asked another client of mine, who was a nurse, if this client could get better. She told me that people went to hospice to die. I was only 19 at the time and still held a naive hope she would recover. When I got up to leave after doing her nails, she said, "two weeks, 3 o'clock." That was her normal appointment time, but I knew that wasn't going to come. I should have said, "see you then," but I didn't. I was just at a loss for words. Her husband grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I was going to lose it so I just said goodbye and ran out of there. Her sister thanked me in the parking lot, then I lost it in my car. I realized I was wrong. You do go to hospice to die. Later that week I had a dream I was doing her nails. We didn't say a word to each other but I felt her tell me she was OK without words. I said to myself, in my dream, "See, I knew I was right. She's OK". I like to think she appreciated me enough to say goodbye and let me know she was OK.
I always get my brazilian clients to use a sweet spot wipe before a services (and i say clean front to back). Well i flipped her over to do the back and there was a huge skid mark back there, was the most digusting thing i have every seen in all my days of waxing. Will never forget this client. lol
and here i sit thanking all that is good and holy that the worst thing ive seen under nails is foundation from them scratching their face :? and maybe a bit of mustard...............

and Confusedhock: im glad i dont wax!!!!


ps: i have a client now , that decided to shower me on my birthday Smile lunch, flowers, cupcakes and gift card. wonderful woman! this same client wanted to buy me a new camera after i thought i lost mine. i LOVE my job!!

worst: the soul sucking vampire that knew too much about doing nails during the whole appt, then tried to tell me they werent shiney after the gel topcoat was put on. crazy person!!!
Footie, I come to realize you and I have a lot in common.

I have 2 best stories.
I too had a client that was elderly and very ill. She could no longer live on her own so to a nursing home she went. She called me up to ask if I would come to her and give her an acrylic fill. I was excited to see her, I had been doing her nails for 10 years and had not seen her for 2 months. ( she was to ill ) When I got to her room, she told the nurse I was like family and I was there to make her beautiful. ( all while she was coughing so bad from an infection ) I had never heard her talk about me like family so it was nice to hear. Very sweet. It was just before Halloween last year, and I give gifts for Halloween becuase I am fun that way. I brought her some Vampire Blood hand sanitizer from Bath and Body, and a homemade tissue paper pumpkin filled with candy corn, and her favorite Apple Suckers dipped in Caramel. She was like a kid in a candy store LOL. We laughed while nurses came in and out commenting on how spoiled she was to have me there. We made an appointment for 3 weeks out. I knew I would not be back. Very sad to say. And she passed 2 days later. I was at her service and got to see all the past family photos, many many with her beloved Mauva Java polish donning her acrylics. I wont forget how much fun we had that last visit. Best time ever.

#2 Best story.
I have a client who travels 2 hours to see me every month, each way that is. She has even flown across the country for a year each month so she could have her fingers and toes done. I was informed that she thinks of me like her daughter, which I love. We have a different relationship than my other clients. Not only does she support my side business of Craft sales, but she spoils me during the holidays. I hand make gifts special for her and each year when she opens them she is excited to see the new addition!. She has never forgotten me on My birthday either. This year she knew I was in love with her new ipad and I found a card in my hand, with a nice letter, and a check, enough to cover the ipad. It was the most generous gift I have been give, aside from her continued time in my chair. This is one of a few clients I don't view as my customer. She was even generous enough to send my daughter a gift check for graduating High School. Every visit is special. I add extra things to her service and I actually dress up more than normal when she is coming. Its like a special occasion every month when I see her.

Worst story
When I was working in a spa we had a customer for a package day. After her facial she came to get a manicure. However she was so drunk, she had to be pushed in an office chair to the stations. Which she actually fell out of at the table. We had to call someone to come get her. She sat in the back, passed out, drooling on herself in our office chair for an hour, waiting for her ride. We kept walking back to check on her, and there she was, head hung down, mumbling something, eyes closed. Why did they let her in, in the first place I will never know.

Worst story #2 Is NOT MINE please DO NOT use it. I just wanted to share.
Working as an instructor is at the local beauty college was very rewarding. Another instructor was having lunch with me and she was telling me her worst experience teaching cosmetology. An elderly client would come in once a week for her shampoo and set from whoever was open. She was given her shampoo and roller set, and put under the dryer. The timer set for 30 min. When the student went to get her she was asleep, so she asked this instructor if she should just leave her be for a few more. The instructor said no, we will just let her know its time to move to the other chair. Well the client was not asleep. She had died. Sad I cannot imagine having to deal with that. At the very least she was in her favorite chair.
onyxkeeper :
worst: the soul sucking vampire that knew too much about doing nails during
> the whole appt, then tried to tell me they werent shiney after the gel topcoat
> was put on. crazy person!!!


Oh, you must've gotten one of those DIY-ers from The Purse Forum as a client that day. Tongue
nail~diva :
> Worst:
> I always get my brazilian clients to use a sweet spot wipe before a services
> (and i say clean front to back). Well i flipped her over to do the back and
> there was a huge skid mark back there, was the most digusting thing i have
> every seen in all my days of waxing. Will never forget this client. lol


Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock:
One of my very best clients remembers my birthday and nearly every other major holiday with a pretty gift bag and usually a candle or candle holder or something sweet or just whatever. She knows that I love pink, sparkly, princess things! Smile

But my very best client shows her appreciation for my services by tipping $25 or more per service. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. And she's the one that encourages me to charge more, too. She's an artist as well, and recongises artistic value. Plus, she's just a joy to work with.

I can't think of any truly bad clients--the ones I don't like all that much just end up not rebooking after awhile. I haven't ever had any bad behavior to deal with.
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
onyxkeeper this is a universal type "the soul sucking vampire that knew too much about doing nails during the whole appt, then tried to tell me they werent shiney after the gel topcoat was put on. crazy person!!!"

We get one of those once in a while. They are the worst! Telling you what "the other person" (at another spa/salon) did. Questioning weird or insignificant things, asking why you do or don't do that. Implying they really know what's what and prefer how the other place did it. Hey then, go back there! Grr. It's not like we're a schlocky chop shop, our place is pretty darn nice!

I'd rather deal with poo- uh never mind, that truly grossed me out. Confusedhock:
My best client!

I had a gentleman come in on a regular basis for manicures and pedicures. He is just a couple years older then myself. So we'll say 40yrs old. Smile
He always asked for some strange color for his pedicure. The 1st time I saw him he wanted neon pink! I figured he was joking. But NOPE that's what he wanted! So that's what he got. He loved it. At his next appt. I asked how his wife liked the hot pink. He said she LOVED it. So after removing the pink we did 1 foot a neon orange and the other a bright blue. Again, he chose the colors.
When I asked why these colors. He told me how his wife and him play the game Portal. So the orange was the color of 1 portal in the game and the blue was very close to the other portal.

He always made me laugh. I knew it was going to be a good day when I saw him on my books. Big Grin
Best client: Flew me across the country to do her wedding nails and treated me to an all-expenses-paid week off at the resort where she got married! I felt so blessed, she is a lovely person!

Worst client: The entire female side of a wedding party came for the works at our spa. I happened to end up with the non-english-speaking "Motherzilla" of the Bride. The Bride had booked all of the appointments, and either misunderstood what her mother wanted for her nails, or deliberately booked her a regular, natural nail manicure. Little did I know that Motherzilla was actually expecting a full set of acrylic pink and whites. I started doing her manicure, and as it progressed, I guess she became aware she wasn't getting what she expected. From that moment on and for the next 45 minutes, this Motherzilla pouted, ranted, stomped her feet and flung her hands around, all the while bawling out her daughter in their native tongue --which I didn't even need to understand to figure out she was degrading, scolding and belittling her Bride daughter over the nails situation. The Bride kept apologizing to me and telling me that it wasn't my fault, and to just ignore her Motherszilla, but it was a tense situation! My whole body ached after I was finished, as I was fighting with her hands the entire service. I can only imagine what the underlying cause of such a temper tantrum was, and I thank my lucky stars for all the normal, lovely mothers I've had the pleasure of manicuring for special occasions!


"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
Reading these posts has made me think of other stories. I too have a client that became a best friend- several in fact. But this one- I don't know what I would have done without her. Her hubby is a doctor, now retired. When he closed the office, she gave me the waiting room furniture for my salon. She also bought gifts for my 2 grand daughters many times. She would buy "fill deals" when I needed extra money for a down payment on a car. And when I was having to move, she wrote me a check for $500 to cover expenses and gave me $100 cash for a motel.
And I love my older ladies. I was fortunate to have Mrs. Felice Bryant as a client. She wrote "Rocky Top" and "Love Hurts", just to name two of her songs. Her favorite color was OPI's "Queen of De Nile". My boss did her hair and was asked to go to Nashville to get her ready for her funeral, and "don't forget the polish."
Like you, my worst was someone trying to tell me how "Robert" down the street did nails after telling me how much they hated his work.
Always be get farther.
it's late and i'm tired so i'm only listing my worst right nowWink

i have a client who is a 3 week pedicure client. pedicures only, never fingers because she does them herself. i've been doing her nails now for probably 7 years. she just has a "rough around the edges" personality, and in my small town, she is known by all. one day she kept looking at my chest as i was doing her pedicure. right in the middle of our conversation she says to me, "what kind of bra are you wearing?" startled, i said, "ummm, a regular old bra....why?" and she tells me it, "looks wrong." and that, "i must be wearing the wrong bra because i look like i have one boob instead of 2." Confusedhock: i was wearing a doleman sleeved top with a simple, non-padded bra underneath. she asked me if i was wearing a sports bra, and i replied that i wasn't. she kept looking at me and saying that my bra just didn't look right throughout the entire appointment, so finally i stood up, pulled up my shirt and showed her my regular, non-SPORTS BRA bra i was wearing! Thankfully no one walked in at that moment=] i do have to add that this client also prefers for it to be, "quiet" in the shop while she gets her pedicures. i have 3 kids and one day i was stuck and HAD to bring my 2 girls along, ages 4 and 6. most of my clients, if not all of them, enjoy seeing my girls and don't mind them being around. well on this particular day this same client was due for her pedi, and i was nervous as heck that my girls would be bad while she was there, so i warned them about this, 'special client that thinks kids should be seen and not heard." they had specific instructions to stay in the back room and watch the movie i had put on for them while this client was there. well, as soon as this client came in the girls walked out of the back room and said to me, "mom, how much longer til the client who hates kids gets here?" i pretty much died right there. :oops:
*Loving my job since '97*

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