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I did the paraffin in the bag today!!!! Thanks!!!!
Ok, I took the advice from a few of you with the paraffin, and thank you again!
I first creamed up their feet. Then I poured a small amount of hot paraffin into the bag and swirled it and then had them gently place the foot into the bag. I can see what you mean about getting experience doing this becuase some wax did squirt out from the back of the heel into the tub. I realized that the tub should be empty just in case I need to clean the paraffin drippings. I used acetone to get the wax off the tub. It was all I could think of using and it worked.
I guess I will get better as time goes by. THe clients were thrilled and had no clue that today was the first time I tried this rather than dipping their feet into the unit. I couldn't have them dip becuase I deal with a lot of ederly and this is easier and safer for them.
Thanks again for the tips.
I DON'T drain the tub before doing the wax because, if it leaks out, it falls in the water and it's easier to pick up coz it congeals instantly. If it sticks to the tub, you've got to scrape it off... :x
I found that out real quick. Luckily it was floating. I found the acetone to help get it off of our glass tub. I won't make a habit of this. I will soon get the hang of this. Iwas thinking of placing a towel over the tub so none gets in
It gets easier once you get familiar with the process. It's easier to keep the liquid in the bag is you make sure their foot is flat during the 'smooshing' part. If you're using a pedi throne, have them rest the sole of their foot on the foot rest while you do that, then it'll harden some and then they can lay their foot more prone. I also keep the top of the bag pulled tight against the leg while I work the paraffin around the foot.

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