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all natural cuticle oil and massage lotions
Does anyone use natural oils ( from the grocery store or supercentre) for cuticle oils or foot or hand massage? Any types you would recomend?
Grapeseed....Massage therapists use it because it doesn't stain linens and has no odor. You can add it to sugar or salt for scrubs, and add a scent of your own. Penetrates well, so idea for cuticles.
Always be get farther.
I use Jojoba oil and get it at Trader Joe's. It's a pretty good size bottle for $7.00 I don't know if they are anywhere but the west coast, but if you have any natural food stores near you, you might try there.
I also use Jojoba oil. I get it at the health food store. A lot goes a long way and the shelf life is forever. It's an oil that is closest to our own so it's very nice to use. Its great for oily skin so we don't over produce oils, and hydrating for dry skin. I recommended it to my client with eczema and she said she used it all over after a shower and it was the first time in years she didnt itch, and not itch all day! So awesome. I have essential oils and some fun scents from the hobby store ( in the lotion and soap making isle ) to add if clients choose. I also use it as a treatment during my manicure, right after a scrub, I apply it and let it sit before adding cream and doing the massage.

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