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Nail Talk Radio talks to Danny Haile
TUNE IN ARE YOU GELISH of Hand & Nail Harmony's new retail offerings or are you "hotter than a burnin stump" like Athena?
Join us as we chat with Danny Haile, CEO and Founder of Hand & Nail Harmony. A fierce, international nail competitor, business owner, and educator with more than 30 years of experience and over 75 trophies to his name, Danny Haile is sure to be able to hold his own."!/pag...5762137237
The easier it is to be good at something
The harder it is to be great
After listening to Mr. Haile talk about his choice I have totally changed my mind. I think he may be making the right decision and you know what? In my area there are no close suppliers selling Gelish. So customers who can get it online with no problems will have to pay a nice markup for the gelish minis. Those minis however are bigger than Shellacs full size and that could be an issue for CND sales. Anyhoo. It is what it is, and yes, I may just go in and get a bottle for my discount and retry it. I did not have the best luck the first time around. But who knows.
I am very interested in what Mr. Haile had to say concerning his decision to make Gelish available to the general public via Sally Beauty Supply, the low end public beauty supply house in our area.

Is there an easy way to listen to this exchange as I missed the original broadcast? (I am not very tech savvy if it is a difficult set of links!)

I am a reasonable person and will make my decision if I will continue using the Gelish line based on what he has had to say in detail.

I have the entire Gelish line and my customers and I were thrilled with it. I was not however thrilled with his decision, and after reading all of the posts concerning this issue, I have to honestly say that I am still not convinced that there is a good enough reason to have done this.

Sobeit - you seem to be a voice of reason. Would you mind expanding on your thoughts of this broadcast?
You can listen to all the Nail TAlk Radio archived shows at!/pag...5762137237
The easier it is to be good at something
The harder it is to be great
Here is a direct link to the archived show:
It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

That show was great.... Smile

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