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Great Marketing Idea
This past Wednesday we had a call from a local hotel desk clerk to schedule pedicures for 2 guests who were due to arrive that day. We made the appointments for 2 pm for pedis for 2 guys who were from DC. We put them in the pedi chairs, put a warm wrap around their necks and gave them each a beer. By the time they were done with the pedis they decided to have manis too. After they were done the one guy tells us that the lady at the hotel told him to go to WALMART for his pedi. He told her "I'm not going to walmart for a pedicure. Can't you find us a nice place?!"

The next day, one of the guys came back in for a haircut and brow wax and brought one of the women who was here with them in for a massage. She brought her friend and her friends little girl. The little girl had her nails polished and the massage gal bought a GC for a prenatal massage for her friend and had her brows waxed.

While this was going on another lady called and wanted a mani/pedi and a her friend wanted a massage. Unfortunately, we weren't' able to accommodate them as we were booked for the evening and they were leaving the next day. They also worked with the 2 men from DC. This woman says "you ladies sure made an impression on these guys-its all they've been talking about all day!"

When Mark & Steve left they told us the next time they were coming to Yuma, they were calling us BEFORE they got their plane tickets!

So, We have put together a really nice informational packet with biz cards, brochures and a cover letter, along with our specials and other information and a gift certificate for the desk manager to try our services. We will be leaving these at the nicer hotels in town and asking for referrals

This is a market niche that no one else has tapped into and we get a lot of business travelers here-we have 2 military bases and they get a lot of temporary duty people so we are taking the packets to the base liaisons for the WTI and other temporary duty schools here.

So, from 2 pedicures we ended up with 2 mains, a polish change, a massage, a hair cut 2 brow waxed and a %70 CG, plus all of the positive talk from the 2 guys to everyone they interacted with while they were here.

The gal who had the massage will be back at the end of October and will be calling for her services.

SO here is the point to all of this-Market in unusual places. Sure these people don't live here, but the referred us several clients while they were here, they will be back and they referred us people who do live here.

Of course we'd all like to have a full book of standing appointments everyday but until that happens you gotta take what you can get reap the benefits.
Sherri Dahin
CND Grand Master Technician
Proud member of the EX-Owners Club!
Independent Beauty Consultant
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Wow...that's awesome!
Hi Sherri,
I agree thats a great idea. Back in July, my hubby and I were on vacation in Florida, and we stayed at a exclusive all suites hotel on the beach in FT. Meyers. I wanted to get a pedicure, so hubby decided to take me and pay for it, well, the place that the hotel sent us to was NSS. I think your idea is great, especially if your in a touristy area.

Sherri, I am with ya girlie! Mare & I had some great luck as well over the weekend with the local Hilton. They called us! Come to find out that we were in their database and I was so tickled about it.

Anyway.. long story short...they called for nail services on Saturday for in house..I was skeptical about sending staff out on outcalls but talked to them and stressed the importance of my staff being kept safe. They assured me that they would take care of her.. Mare went... when she came back they had asked if she could come back tomorrow with massages , facials and more nail services. (Sunday... MY ONLY DAY OFF) ( no Mare, I haven't forgotten and neither will you deary) ROFLMAO

So at 9 am on Sunday morning we are in the room and all I can say is DANG!!! We were there for 5 hours. NO potty break, NO drop of liquid, not even a sip.. and no ciggy... Holy Smokes!!!

But it was a very profitable day for us.. We did $670 in services in those 5 hours. With HUGE tips!!!

It was well worth the trip... and I would definitely do it again. We had so much fun.

So get in with those local hotels and go for the referrals. If the front desk knows you, they will call you...You don't have to do outcalls like we did, they can come to you at the salon.

Just something to think about :wink:
Ormond Beach,FL
Proud Member of the Ex-Owners Club!!!!
Licensed Full Specialist & Body Wrapper
Great to hear you guys made money! Your story is the reason I work in a hotel spa/salon. The clientel is there waiting for you not the other way around. Sometimes the connection with the guest is there and you have them as repeats..other times you'll never see them again...but rest assured if the service is great they'll never forget where they had the best pedicure, manicure, massage etc. A word of advice..make your connection with the hotel conscierge...give them your business cards and a lsit of services you offer. Yep you might be called to work on Sunday... a few hours of your time is financially worth it. And..most charge extra for in room services..we charge regular prices for the services but then we add an additional $50 for an in room visit !!! The guest wants the accomidation so they won't say no to the charge. We had a bride on Saturday who spent close to $1,000 for an inroom man/ped, make up and hair..not bad for a few hours work. HUMMMMM...something to think about?
Big Grin Yay Suzy!!!!!!!!!! Get energized!!! You will be great

OOPS!! This post belongs on another topic....ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry guys :lol: :oops:
Ormond Beach,FL
Proud Member of the Ex-Owners Club!!!!
Licensed Full Specialist & Body Wrapper
Hope, that's a great story from you too! We're brainstorming on how to get our name out there so when I go in tomorrow I'm going to mention this to her also. Thanks!
I worked at a salon about 6 years ago and a Springhill Suites was opening...owned by Marriott...just down the street. I contacted the company before they made their brochure that goes in every room. You know the has all the info about the hotel, but also where to shop and eat. Well, you can also apply to be in the brochure if you are a minority..."woman owned business". Although my 'slacker' boss didn't follow through, it would be a great opportunity to be advertised to every person in every room. AND it was free!!!!!!!
Along the same note, I talked with a lady in my area who works by going to the large nice hotels doing nail services. She told us that at first she didn't know what to charge so she charged her regular price plus gas. The hotel people told her she needed to TRIPLE her price! They told her that some of these people from foriegn countries come in with literally suitcases of money to spend. The hotel knew this because it was being kept in their safe. The point it, the large hotels are a great source of untapped business. Think outside the box!
I thought I had come up with every marketing idea there was. I never thought of this one. Thank you all for the great tips

Peggy Johnson
(727) 214-1533
[email protected]

THANK A CLIENT A DAY…and get more referrals!!!
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this is a gr8 idea....i'm actually trying to get my info together so i can pass it out to some of the hotels in my area... i did this a few times when my mom's job has conventions at hotels throughout florida(although its normally once a year but still its worth it) while i was doing this i got a lot of responses from clients that what i was doing was a good idea cause they dont like going to the nss shops when they travel... i had a booth set up in the lobby with my prices and nail art and a sign in sheet and i would go to their rooms and provide their services... and when i did this i was at a salon back home and wasnt making that much money aand i was getting VERY discouraged and wanted to stop but this is my passion and has been since i was 18 that's why i decided to goto school..... and then times got hard so i had to leave the salon and go back into the corporate world getting a regular paycheck but i still do nails part time until the clientele builds up to where i want it to be... but reading all the positive feedback in the other forum it has been very incouraging and i have find alot of other ideas i could use to promote thanks to all you SUPER TECHS!!!!
Your Sista N Nailz

Just wanted to bring this one to top as well...great ideas for those who never saw this!
Another Great post from Sherri....Client experience is very important, it's one of the ways to keep clients coming back and telling others about our service.

Why go to places like Walmart for a "fast food" pedi... when you could go to Sherri, get pampered, get beer and talk with someone that feels like a friend?

Just shows you can compete with the larger store fronts if you know how to market your business!

Good Marketing Sherri!
Believe That You Can and You Will!

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