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Unconventional uses for nail stuff...
OK, so we all know that clear polish stops a run in your pantyhose, but what else do you use nail stuff for?

Acetone cleans a burnt microwave.

I have polished keys to identify them.

An orangewood stick makes a great backscratcher (you can even glue a nail on it, lol)

Buffers can be cut and used to level uneven pictures (the kind that need 2 screws to hang - put on top of the too low screw), and also to level table legs and bookcases.

A few interesting uses I found online:
Quote:Tighten a screw.
Swabbing a bit of nail polish on screw threads before inserting them will help keep screws tight. The same applies to nuts too.

Remove Leeches.
Pour the acetone over the disgusting bloodsucker and it’ll peel right off, demonstrating exactly why this stuff should never be imbibed.
I have coated my wood brush handles with clear gel to make them less prone to picking up that gunk from handling the brush. Looks good too. I have an autographed brush that I used gel to seal. I use cuticle oil to polish my nail table- only takes a couple drops. Cuticle oil will back ticks out, too.
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I have buff my car headlights with an OPI pro shine buffer and made it look brand new and shiny again.
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I knew about the wart deal but needed to make sure I was not just imagining I knew it LOL. During that search they also said this about nail polish.

Get rid of a wart
Warts are unsightly, embarrassing, and infectious. In order to get rid of warts and prevent spreading the virus to others, cover them with nail polish. The wart should be gone or greatly diminished in one week.

Waterproof address labels
When you’re sending a parcel on a rainy day, a little clear polish brushed over the address information will make sure your package goes to the right place.

Prevent rust rings from metal containers
If your guests are going to peek into your medicine cabinet, you don’t want them to see rust rings on your shelves. Brush nail lacquer around the bottom of shaving cream cans and other metal containers to avoid those unsightly stains.

Prevent rusty toilet seat screws
If you’re installing a new toilet seat, keep those screws from quickly rusting. Paint them with a coat or two of clear nail lacquer; it will also help prevent seat wobble by keeping the screws in place.

Tarnish-proof costume jewelry
Inexpensive costume jewelry can add sparkle and color to an everyday outfit, but not if it tarnishes and the tarnish rubs off the jewelry and onto your skin. To keep your fake jewelry and your skin sparkling clean, brush clear nail polish onto the back of each piece and allow it to dry before wearing.

Protect your belt buckle’s shine
Cover new or just-shined belt buckles with a coat of clear polish. You’ll prevent oxidation and guarantee a gleaming first impression.
one of the shelves in my fridge broke. Its glass with a white plastic surround and i fixed it with NSI white acrylic..looks great and you cant even see it. I buffed and top coat , good as new...heehee
Duct tape also works on warts (cut a piece to cover it and wear it as long as it lasts, then replace) and you can clean a burnt microwave by putting a cup of water in it and cooking so long that it boils and vaporizes. Everything stuck in the microwave can be just wiped off afterwards.

Nail gel is great for blinging out your glasses, sun glasses, or cell phones with rhinestones.
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I just blinged out my daughters cake topper for her wedding. Its VERY non traditional. I will send pics after her wedding this coming weekend. She wanted to use trucks as her topper, a his and hers. His I just added the last name to the door of the truck and put McLaughlin Towing on it and a water decal that I had made for nails. For hers I painted the truck "Let Me Entertain You" pink from OPI. Pinstripped it with black nail art paint from Nubar, added some holographic discs on the hubs, and even used clay canes to hang from her mirror, using dice and cherries!!!! I am going to send the pic along to the nail magazines as well when I get them.
I have fixed those fancy $300 car keys the new models have that are made of plastic where it connects to the ring, clear acrylic to give it it's main shape and a little black acrylic to match the rest, buff out and a matte top coat saves clients a ton of money.

Have used the black Nubar nail art pen to fix small scratches in my black paint on my car.

Used clear acrylic to rebuild a few broken tail lights and turn signals and a broken side mirror housing unit.

Used clear acrylic to fix a clients favorite pair of flip flops that have had a blow out.

Used clear acrylic to fix bottom rims on plates and bowels that can't be replaced and now wobble because a piece chips out.

Have also made temporary shelf plugs with acrylic to hold a shelf up when one gets lost or broken.
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I used color matched acrylic to fix a turtle shell and beak after he was run over and it worked great! I have to replace his beak as he grows, but he is doing fine.

Polish to repair the rock chips in my husband's truck paint.

Touch up paint scratches on my bike.

In place of Loctite on the threads of my screws on my bike.

Just all kinds of things!
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I have used fiberglass wrap to temporarily repair a crack on the engine cover of my husband's bucket truck until he could get it repaired...that was a few years ago...he never got it fixed...LOL! the crack has not gotten larger...

I have used acrylic instead of wood putty...worked like a charm!

Tammi Merritt
I've used acrylic to repair a beautiful antique bowl from Poland, lid to an antique cookie jar & my fave coffee cup.
Used cuticle oil on a door lock that sticks & blinged out my grand daughters sunglasses.
Also put hot pink acrylic w/ clay cane flowers on the key to my shop to make it easier to spot on my keychain.
Holy cow! It looks like acrylic is the clear winner here.
Fix my daughters horse....

yep my daughters toy horse leg busted off and L&P fixed it right up! then the ear (this poor pony) And not only did I fix it!!! I sculpted it so nice she did not know what ear was what! Helped that the ear was white Wink
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I have fixed my sons broken toys with acrylic. lasts forever.
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Quote:yep my daughters toy horse leg busted off and L&P fixed it right up! then the ear (this poor pony) And not only did I fix it!!! I sculpted it so nice she did not know what ear was what! Helped that the ear was white

Acetone also works for plastic horses. Just dab a bit on both pieces with a q-tip. It melts the plastic just enough to stick it back together. That was a staple at our house growing up!

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[Image: 046.jpg]

[Image: 055.jpg]

[Image: 054.jpg]

These arent very clear, I do have a good one on my phone of the pink truck I am going to try to download. But this gives an idea as to what I did.

I used OPI Let Me Entertain You, along with some discs and clay canes to decorate the truck.
I used acrylic to fix my sisters chipped tooth. Looks better than when they tried to fix it at he dentist Smile
I've fixed my dentures with acrylic. Looked so good my dentist said I should be working for him. I used fiberglass to fix a busted microwave door and a handle on a fridge. I coated the temples of my hubby's glasses with gel. Not to mention making nail polish jewelry!

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