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NailPro Mag cover snake skin
Oh those are smokin hot. I don't have snake skin, but I do have a stead hand and ambidextrous tendencies, so I am going to hand paint that on myself today. I better use Gel Polish so it doesn't wear off. I have a chocolate metallic that will work as the base and gold paints. Oooh time to go have fun.
Sounds cool! Do you have a link to the photo in Nail Pro?
Nail Technician
Xtreme Lashes Certified Lash Stylist
Oh, no link. Its the cover of the current issue though.
I used a snakeskin looked super cool!
I used a gold/bronze base color

I use a SOG polish (Gelish)
glue (dry 5 min)
2nd coat of Top it off

but i bet u will have a blast painting too!
this was just a bit quicker.

have fun creating!!!
That sounds really neat!! Do you have a photo of it? THNX
Nail Technician
Xtreme Lashes Certified Lash Stylist
I want to do those nails too! But my thought was useing my gel polish and spotting some black on then painting the snake skin lines on by hand. It's been running through my mind. I can't wait to get to the salon so I can try it out. I'm also thinking differnt colors would be cool.
Marie A. Soto
[email protected]
where do you get snakeskin foil?
My camera on close up was lacking something serious but you will get the idea here. I used China Glaze Ingrid as my base, it a chocolate color, then CG swing baby gold brown glitter on top. My lines were CG Sydney Sand. Then my darker dots are Zoya Kelly. I also went through and re added a little Ingrid so the nail want completely glitter.
I have NO idea why some of the pics look like a blue color polish. The entire nail is brown copper with Kelly which is a very dark blue gray color.
[Image: snake-1.jpg]
cute Sobiet Big Grin

Here's is where I got a bunch of foils.
the Snakeskin is clear & black
it's kinda neat b/c it will compliment thru whatever color u choose as a base

I love using foils with SOG
my steps are
Gelish or Entity complet the nails (base, color & topcoat)
then apply glue..let dry 5 min. it dries clear
apply foils to all 10 fingers or toes.
then topcoat with SOG topcoat.

it will last a sometimes wear a lil bit but not allot
I have one picture but the lighting is forgive it looks much more awesome in client went nuts for it!

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