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funeral director plus shellac = some chipping
Hello Ladies,
I have a client that is a funeral director and I have put the shellac polish on her. My problem is that it doesn't stay for more then maybe a week. Now I have been doing shellac for some time now. My other clients have no problem with this product. But of course not everyone can wear the same type of gel polish. When she takes care of the bodies she wears gloves. I know some of you use different base coat and top. So do you think I should use a different base, or maybe try gelish with shellac base? Sometimes I have even double on the top coat for my french. I know the prep and thinness is crucial for this product. I do hand out instructions for care of your gel polish, which she has followed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I would guess that she is getting some type of chemicals or solvents on her hands possibly even with the gloves.

Shellac can be removed without any "breaking of the seal" filing on top of the nail. The good is no filing to remove, the bad is that it is more vulnerable to solvents you might accidentally get on your hands.

You could try a different topcoat like say Gelish, or OPI Axxium SOG sealer, or Artistic Colour Gloss, or ManiQ, one that recommends you file to break the seal before removal. They are less susceptible to solvent damage.

Also, if you mix brands you are not using as a system. This may also cause wear issues. So, it might work just fine to try a different topcoat, but for best results I would try a whole new line, base, color, and top of the same brand. I think Gelish would be the least expensive option for that. At around $11 per (mini)bottle with pro card from the dreaded Sally's, you could give it a try.
I would guess that it has nothing to do with her job and she is chipping them in her daily life. It doesn't matter if you wear gloves at work if you get home and start using your nails to scrape that bit of jelly off the counter!
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
if the chipping is on the free edge, you could try a non-acid primer on the very edge and see if that helps Smile

good luck
C-C My Nails :
> I would guess that it has nothing to do with her job and she is chipping them
> in her daily life. It doesn't matter if you wear gloves at work if you get
> home and start using your nails to scrape that bit of jelly off the counter!
I agree. My grandmother was a nurse and is a funeral director nail polish doesn't stay on her well just because out of habit she's used to washing her hands frequently. I wouldn't say its any chemicals coming in contact with the nails.
I would say it has to do with the moisture build up in wearing gloves and then also having to wash her hands. Since it is a soakable product, it may have more of a tendency to breakdown due to moisture, unlike a file off kind of gel. In addition to that she may have a body chemistry that won't allow her to wear gels. Hard to tell at this point.

I've tried a bonder and it does't help. Might try a file off gel, then you can better tell what will work on her.
If she is your only problem look to her activities outside the job if she is wearing gloves. As mentioned the moisture in the gloves can cause swelling of the nail plate too. Here is a newly uploaded video with some tips for french that might help as well:

Facebook link:

YouTube link:
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I might suggest that maybe she is just not a good candidate for this type of service. I would suggest a single thin coat of either a hard gel or soak-off gel then proceed with your color layers. This should give her the extra protection and help reduce or stop the shipping. Her problem is either the gloves and or her nail habits off the job. Possibly a combination of those 2 things and maybe she nails are not really very healthy.

If you are going to try some type of bonder or primer, use VERY little snd ONLY on the free edge. Use of bonders or primers will increase the soak time.
Lorraine, webgirl
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Thank you all for your imput. :wink:

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