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custom made nail tables
My brother in law is willing to make me a new table. So, my question is......if you could design your own table, what would you definitely want and definitely not want? Any suggestions would be helpful.
Well... One of the things I would want is to incorporate a power strip into the desk somehow so I wouldn't have power cords going everywhere. Another thing is an actual hole in the surface of the desk for the light, instead of having to use a clamp. Making sure the table is low enough for my task chair so I'm not hiking my shoulders up while I work, as well as making sure the table is narrow enough that I don't have to reach for the client's hand. I have also recently purchased a Valentino, and would LOVE to be able to incorporate it into the table top somehow. Maybe not flush with the surface, but lower than the 3 1/2 inches it is above it when sitting on the table. It raises the work surface too much for my comfort. Half as high would make a huge difference for me. Also a table top surface that is impervious to acetone and monomer, that is easy to clean (like with a razor blade) without damaging the surface: Glass or marble or granite would be ideal.

There. LOL! Can you tell I've been thinking about this for myself? Dream on, Deb...
Debbie in VA
I will have to dream. LOL. Show pics when you get it done so I can live vicariously through you. My only option right now is to ask the salon owner to sell me his table. Its soooo old but I would pull it apart and put a new top to it, and paint the side drawers again. I own every piece of furniture in my rent space, but the table. And I want a change in table so bad.
I would find one of the ugly yet functional manicure tables using that 'pattern' and find a coffee table, desk, or dresser that you like, and have the manicure table made in that style.
I don't think I explained that very well :roll:

like for example a manicure table in this style:

Made like this dresser:
I built mine in an "L" shape with a 16" wide work space and 18" wide storage space on my left side. All my storage drawers are on my left side and my most used stuff is in drawers to my right in front of me. The power strips are on the underside to the left and right of me. The only thing I did not do that I would like to is put a shelf underneath to each side of the client for my uv lamps to get them off of my table top.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
Whatever you decide on, my major suggestion would be to seal the entire thing with Pour-on 2 part epoxy by Envirotex! That stuff is awesome! I have it on mine and it has been there for 2 years now and I can scrape anything off of it, use acetone to scrub it and it does not even dull the finish!
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
Great suggestion, thanks for your help!
My dream table hopefully will be made soon, I just have to get the components to make it with the help of my brother who welds.
My dream is to take the pink craftsman toolboxes from sears and make an L shaped table incorporating the toolboxes which have nice narrow height drawers perfect for all my gels. Then the top I would like to have made out of granite or colored glass, with shelves under the top to hold my UV lamps out of the way and off the surface of the table. I would love a slimline lamp. And the table needs to be a little wider than the one I currently use, as my clients and I knock knees all the time. And it definitely needs to be no higher than my current table I don't like them too high, I need something ergonomically correct for my arms, shoulders, and my eyes.

After this table is made I plan to get all the cube units out of the shop and keep control of the clutter that takes over every week. I think all of my supplies will easily fit into that desk, as well as having plenty of room for my computer and appt. book on top of the toolbox.

Then there is the challenge of my pedi area, thats next in my dream space.
It needs lots of help.

Shannon A.

(Sorry couldn't get the pic to post using my iPad so I used a link)

This is my custom built nail table. I made sure I had lots of drawers and a side that locks. The guy that built it had a large piece of glass that he gave me for the top. I recommend it!

I would agree that a built in filter unit would be nice too.
Great ideas everybody. Love the table Colleen.
I'm strictly gel so I'd make sure that there was a shelf that my gel lamps would fit under the top of the table. I got lucky when I was searching for tables and found one that has exactly that.
I need a table where the client is slightly elevated in her chair, and the table has a raised, cushioned bar for an armrest. Then the client's hand would be right in front of my face-ish, so I don't have to bend my neck forward so much, thereby giving me waaaay less neck pain! And I need lots of drawers (shallow ones, and maybe one or two deeper ones), and a glass top. I'd love an L shape table, but I just don't have room for it it in my little space. I don't have room for the table I just described, for that matter. Smile
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
Hi my name is Carrie. I came across this conversation and was excited to tell you that I currently own the patent on such a table. After 13 successful years as a nail tech I had to have a spinal fusion in my neck and Dr.'s said I should quit doing nails. My friend who's been doing nails now for 20 years just had her 2nd spinal fusion in her neck. So I designed and built a table that allows me to work with my head up and straight. It has a motor that allows the angle of the table to be adjusted for each clients height; etc.. I have also gotten numerous letters of endorcement from surgeons and doctors who state that this table will eliminate the common neck and back issues they see relating from this profession. AND The great news is that all my clients feel this table is far more comfortable then any traditional nail table they have sat at. I'm currently in the process of meeting with Manufacturers and will hopefully have tables for sale soon! If anyone would like any information please feel free to email me. Thanks Carrie Bomar
Carrie Bomar
[email protected]

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