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Young Nails gel v.s. Light Elegance...please advise!
Hi all, I am getting back into the salon after...ahem, 9 yrs Confusedhock: and I am having a tough time deciding between gels. I have only ever tried Star nail gel (school) and recently bought some Gelousy to try. Gelousy is VERY runny and I do not like it at all. I want something that will hold it's shape while still having that "transparency" that is so nice with gel. I do not like the "acrylic" opaque look. Hope that makes sense?

I was wondering if you might help me by telling me your experiences and major/minor differences you've seen between LE and YN gel.

Is one so much better/thicker/more transparent/expensive??

Thanks for your input!
Hi I think you would really like the Light Elegance because it is self leveling and won't run into the sidewalls. It has the transparency you are looking for in the clear bit it also comes I'm a few shades of pink. There are 3 main gels:1-Step or Extreme for Fills and Extreme or Builder for Full-Sets. If someone has flat nails - Builder for a Full-Set, it they have some arch and curve, then Extreme will work well. Once you know which product you want to use, you just choose the shade of pink you like for that client or use clear. There is also a paint on white called perfect white. One thing that LE also has is Super Shiney which is the finishing gel the 60ml bottle is 39.99 that's a lot of product! Also LE has over 90 gel polishes and 24 glitter gels. There is always a special running every 2 months right now you can find UV bulbs for 9.95 and the larger size builder on special. You can call the office and get some samples and all training videos are online hope this helps!

Kristen Dutcher
Light Elegance Educator
I dont know much about YN...but I have used LE for going on 7 years. I have dealt with the company personally, and Lezlie is a JOY to work with. She is very professional and personable...and wants to help in everyway. I do agree that their price points are spot on. They run specials and give you a flyer ahead of time-- so you know what will be on sale and you can plan when you need to stock up on things.

Ive always just used their 1-step for natural nail repairs, and the Pink/white builders for my enhancement clients. I LOVE the super shiny too....and you can get the refil for such a good deal.

I know that YN has a good following too....and they are good at customer service/appreciation as well.

What I would recommend is calling Lezlie there at LE and ask her for a sample kit. I 'think'.....she will send you one out for free....and use it on someone for a full set and a few you know how it behaves. Do the same w/ YN and just see what you like.

Nails and nail products are so personal...I honestly believe that 'most' of the lines out there are really good...its just what you like-- for whatever the reason...that sells us over the next line. Whether is cuz a famous NT uses..whatever...or bcuz you really connected with one of the owners...
you know what I mean.

I believe that if you are good-- you can use almost anything to create beautiful nails...its just the 'little things'...that sometimes make or break our choices.

I deal with Nailite alot too....just because Lisa is AWESOME....she knows who I am when I call...and helps me out like Im her ONLY customer. Does she have to do that? No...but its what has kept me coming back after years and years.
The same w/ LE. I hadnt been in the business for almost 3 years and called Lezlie up..and she remembered me after all that time.
That means something in this day and age...

So, you decide...I just wanted to share some of my personal experiences with you... SmileSmile Hope it has helped....but I dont think you could go wrong either way Wink
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
I can definitely vouch for Young Nails. Great adhesion, workability and strength. And if you can find a Synergy Gel for Success Class, they are incredible. Their education is fantastic.

Good luck getting back in to the business!!

My vote is for Young Nails also. I LOVE their newer Sculpting gels--the white, frosted pink (which is actually an opaque pink, great for custom blending your cover pinks!), and the clear. I love them because they DON'T self-level, so they stay where you put them. And then they just smooth out a tiny bit, enough that, once you've gotten the hang of applying them, you don't have much filing to do afterward. But filing on them is totally okay, and they are almost as hard as acrylic--which is another thing about them that I love! My clients are hard on their hands and nails, and I have had so much success with this product (the acrylic, too!). The customer service is top-notch as well, and they also have a ton of training videos on YouTube, which have helped me tremendously. Get yourself a clear, a base, and a protein bond (they don't have small try me kit--I wish they did!) and play a little. And watch the YouTube vids for good tips on how to work the product.Good luck!
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
Anyone who has used both and can offer any comparisons?

Thanks for all the great replies!! Keep them coming :wink:

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