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Nsi polish pro reviews?
Anyone using nsi polish pro line? I am loving their color selection!
Jill A. Clark
Southeastern MI
I have been using it since the release and the colors are nice. I love love love did I mention love how it soaks off. I have not had the best luck for wearability on all clients. It seems to chip or peel on majority of them. I use the Polish Pro base and Top with all gel polishes though and its amazing with my Eco so quick, Shellac, and alright with Gelish. I have great luck with polish pro colors if I use, Eco so quick base. I am do know they changed brushes so the color would go on nicer. Shaking color is a must, dont cap the free edge with the color layers, and they upped cure time for the base to 60-90 sec.
I guess I have a mixed review there dont I? I still like it.
Is it a gel or a combination gel/polish?
I received about ten colors to try. All are too thick to work with even after a good shaking.

I had posted a very detailed (with pictures) NSI Polish Pro review a few months ago that highlighted the pros and cons of the product. I then went back after trying Shellac and mention that I overall much preferred Shellac, and then my review was deleted.

Wish I had backed it up so I could email it to ya!
@TrinaLuna Is this the post you were looking for??

"Gel Polish Brand Name: Shellac
LED or UV Cured (or both): UV
Easy to Apply: Yes, may take a few applications to learn the correct amount of product to use
Easy to Remove: Yes, especially with the addition of heated mitts to help the acetone move along
Favorite Colors: Beau, Mother of Pearl, Tutti Frutti, Black Pool, Wildfire, Hollywood, Hot Chilis, Red Baroness, Masquerade
Least Favorite Colors: Romantique (not very flattering, streaky), Tropix (weirdly translucent no matter how much I shake), Fedora (lovely color, always say a little prayer that it doesn't wrinkle or shrink)
What do you like best about this brand: The free marketing from the CND Shellac salon locator, polish-like application, awesome wear, no buffing of the natural nail
What do you least like about this brand: cost, that it is still somewhat tricky to get in my area, that I can never use up 100% of a bottle
Comments: until another brand swears that you do not need to buff the nail plate prior to application, I'll be sticking with my tried and true Shellac

Gel Polish Brand Name: NSI Polish Pro
LED or UV Cured (or both): both
Easy to Apply: have not tried since the brushes were replaced
Easy to Remove: Yes, SO easy, even easier than Shellac!
Favorite Colors: Hot Pink Peony
Least Favorite Colors: n/a
What do you like best about this brand: I really liked the removal and the fun color choices, the lower cost was awesome as well
What do you least like about this brand: inconsistent wear (worked much better on some than others)
Comments: I'm still bitter that my detailed review of Polish Pro was removed from these forums. If you're a tech whose client's don't mind you buffing their nails, I would at least give this a try. I was told when I ordered this product that buffing was not necessary, but I believe that is why it did not wear well on my clients."
So no one can answer my question?? Sad
The link has better information than I could sit here and give.
Yes I use PP and I loved it at first but now I'm getting sick of it.
The only thing I'm getting sick of is the thickness of it and having to battle with it on every application. The more you use it and the more the bottles are opened and closed, the thicker it gets with time, which then gives a more streaky layer and it is becoming too much of a battle.
I love the color range and the shine and how easy it soaks off.

I just wish NSI would redo their recipe and make it a thinner consistency and then relaunch it, if they bought it out thinner it would make it a lot better and more popular as this is the biggest complaint of PP.

I really think NSI have not done too well with this product and I really hope they change it for the better.
I still love NSI thoughSmile
Sorry Peggy. I thought it was a simple question that would have a simple answer. Thank you anyway.

Wooshka, thank you for the info. I think I'll just continue using Shellac.
kkgunn, no, I created my own thread entirely. I even mentioned that in the very post you quoted. I created the review because I was frustrated with not being able to find a decent review (especially one with pictures) anywhere. There were even a lot of grateful responses to my thread for taking the time to create the much for that Wink.

idonls, this is their explanation as to what their "mix" is (quoted from the NSI site, but it is the same info I've seen elsewhere - not a simple cut and dry answer really :/ i had even emailed them for some clarification and got the same "Poly-Oligomer" explanation ):

Quote:What is it?
Rather than simply a blend of gel and polish, Polish Pro is a fusion of many different ingredients that result in the most resilient natural nail manicure or pedicure. These raw ingredients include oligomers, monomers, photoinitiators, among others, all making up what NSI is calling a Poly-Oligomer.
Thank you Trina. Looks like it isn't simple! :wink:
So there ya go. The answer was always right there for you. I just don't always feel like copy and pasting when I can enter the link. And I don't always feel like giving a lengthy reply when I don't know how to explain the answer.

Here are reviews on the thread. I didn't respond either because the thread is there.
Debbie has also stated that threads are not exactly removed. But go away after a period of inactive time.

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