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What retail are you selling for Christmas?
I know its still summer but the holidays are around the corner! I need to find something that is different and a must have. My boss is willing to buy anything that I can almost guarantee will be a saleable item.
Tried the pedi socks last year and it wasn't the easiest sale. Maybe the Me or the glo girls items would be an idea. I was also thinking of the sunless tanning items,any reccommendations for brands?
I don't want to make anything on my own which I would love to do but I only get a percentage on each sale. If it was my own shop I would be creating every recipe on that site that site that has recipes.
Has anyone had luck with the glo girls? THey haven't gotten back to me. Maybe they are a scam? Who knows these days.
thanks everyone!
Sillysoup I have an idea but would prefer to keep it private, email me if you like so I can toss an idea around with you. [email protected]
we sell thats it nail art every year and it sell grreat at my supply store...
Here is an idea for you. I did this about 11 years ago. We took ice cream glasses from the dollar store (but you could use martini glasses, wine glasses, milkshake glasses, a beer stein, a mug, whatever), then filled them with things like soaking salt, sugar scrub, all homemade. We put cellophane around the whole thing, tied it with a ribbon, and gave some away, sold some others. You can also print out recipes and hang them on the ribbon. You can put other things in there like little spoons, scoops, or straws. They were super cute. You just have to be careful not to tip them over after you put them in the cellophane.
I put together various sizes of baskets with assorted items last year and did very well with them. Some baskets had polish & small lotions, some were Footlogix with a foot file, and my best sellers were the YN Lomasi baskets, the small lotion, small creme, and small scrub. I didn't discount the products at all, but charged the same as if they had bought them separately - the extra value came from the pretty baskets and they were wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon.

I'll be watching this thread with interest, as I have a ton of room to expand my retail this year!
Nail Tech/Owner

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