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Help..... Getting Discouraged!!!!
I understand where you are coming from. It does take at least a year but you have to be in the right place.
I went from a full book to another salon in a totally different town about an hour away because we moved. I tried the being on my own until one day I went into (of all places) JC Penneys to apply for a receptionist job to offset some money and I walked out with a nail tech position. I have been there 3 months now. I work 3 days a week and in the salon they pay you minimum wage hourly and if you work the minimum # of hours you are eligalbe for health ins, vacation and retirement package.
I like knowing that I am getting paid to sit. I do alot of extra stuff in there too but I get ALOT of walk ins and since I have made friends with the stylists they refer their clients to me.
I don't know if that is an option where you live and I know working for a dept. store isn't all charm but it pays when Im not busy!!
Good Luck!
Good luck to you and I hope you suceedSmile I no longer do nails for a living. I work for the USPS and it is working out better for me. maybe when thinngs turn around but not now...
one day at a time
If you love your job, you should definitely stick with it. Can you practice on friends and relatives at home to help increase your speed?

Is your boss or the owner/manager doing anything to encourage clients to book these services with you? If not, maybe you can come up with some suggestions of ways to market your services to the clients to boost appointments. Your boss should appreciate it because it's a "win win" for you both (boosted revenue for the business and boosted money in your pockets & increased clients/book for you). It will also make you look proactive, professional and all the more dedicated than you already are.

Now off topic - I'm new to the site, can someone please tell me how to get permission to post a topic in this forum. I can't find the post with this info. Thanks in advance!
I too am very new and work in a small salon and even though the owner and other beautician are helping me as much as they is slow. I am the only nail technician there and most of the clientele is older woman who are not interested in enhancements, only mani and pedis. But those make the weekly booth rent. But my creative nerve is getting wacky to do some fancy nail art. But hey, everyone hang in there we will look back on this and think...what were we worried about??? LOL

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