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My author friend needs nail tech in the Asheville NC area!
Quote:Jacquelyn Frank
Out of curiosity, are there any nail artists (gels) in the Asheville area that want to speak up? And I mean real gel. No the I'll-fool-you-with-acrylic-but-use-gel-polish BS. No drills.
This is the very nice author I went to meet in Denver to do nail art on. The one who writes the nightwalker series She is looking for a nail tech and loves fun art! Anyone near her? Asheville NC I told her I was going to post this here and see if I could help. I took her facebook status and copy and pasted so you can see exactly what she is asking for. At least she knows when she is being fooled.

I had a ton of fun with her, and she will be an excellent, fun, silly client. Email me your name and salon with contact # so I can get it to her.
[email protected]
I am working on my NC license and will be about 15 miles out of Asheville when I get this done.
Always be get farther.
Awesome. How long? And if it will be a while, do you have any friends that can help in the meantime?
I think so. I'm not sure if she does gels or not but will check and let you know.
Always be get farther.
That would be great. Big Grin
I called my friend in Asheville and am waiting for a return call. She is a great person and does great work.
Always be get farther.
I sent you an email with the info. One thing, she does not answer her phone when she is working. Leave a message and she will return the call.
Always be get farther.

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